Video Premiere: David Cook “The Last Goodbye”

While we try to figure out if America got it right with this years American Idol, we know they got it right the year they chose David Cook to win.

Here is his latest "The Last Goodbye" and we are digging it. Tell us what you think of it.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis: Letting Go

Comments (3)
  1. This guy just keeps getting better which is what you want from any legitimate artist. Very catchy tune and great video. Very well done and fun and surprising. Not the ‘storyline’ one might think they’d get with this song. Have watched a few times and always laugh at the end. Very clever. Way to go, Mr. Cook. Looking forward to the new album.

  2. I love it– It’s well- filmed and the ending is hilarious. Catcy song, too. Cook, of course is in fine voice ( and looks). American got it right for Season 7. So far AI is batting .333– Clarkson, Underwood, and Cook. We’ll see in a year where Scottie fits in– the percentage might change. Thanks!!

  3. Cool!! I like it. :-) LoL at that guy passing out at the end. I’ve always liked David Cook. He was great on American Idol. Yep, he was the right choice.

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