Video Premiere: “Best Friends Brother” Victorious Cast featuring Victoria Justice (Funk It!)

"My Best Friend's Brother" is by the "Victorious" Cast featuring Victoria Justice and we are giving it a funk it!

Do you think it should be a funk it or dunk it though?

Let us know. We are digging it and we are sure it is bringing some high school crush flashbacks for sure.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis: BFB

Comments (6)
  1. WHO PLAYS THE BROTHER??????????????

  2. who plays the brother? hes hot!

  3. i luv this song i would pick victoria justice over selena gomez and christean millan.You rock victoria justice keep it up.

  4. who is the bfb in the video?

  5. i love the song n the guy in the video

  6. i loved this song bfb bfb best friends brother a the one for me omg 😀

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