Victoria Justice Releases “Gold” Video! Watch Now!

Victoria Justice.  Photo:  GettyImages.com

Victoria Justice has just released the video to her latest single "Gold" and it appears she is gold.

Hmm. Gold?-DocFB

Diagnosis: Unless VJ promotes this everywhere, not sure it will hit "Gold" status. Get to promoting Justice and good luck!


Victoria Justice Releases “Gold” Listen Now!

Victoria Justice.  Photo:  GettyImages.com

Victoria Justice has just released her new single "Gold" and she wants her man to "man up and make his move"!

"Gold" is her next single from her upcoming album and it has a pop appeal for sure!

To listen to "Gold", click here.....


Victoria Justice & Big Time Rush To Tour This Summer!

Victoria Justice & Big Time Rush performed at the House Of Blues In West Hollywood, Monday night and announced they will be doing a summer tour together.

It has been less than 2 years since we picked Victoria Justice to be a star on the rise and gave her song "My Best Friend's Brother" (BFB) a big FUNK it!

Sometimes, it takes time for someone's star to rise to where it should.  A box office bomb surely doesn't help.  Sticking to music, Victoria will keep shining.

Victoria had this to say about BTR (Big Time Rush) & the upcoming tour:

“The BTR boys and I have always gotten along really well so it’s going to be one big party and I’m looking forward to hitting cities I didn’t play last year.”

The tour is called The Summer Break Tour and you can find the tour dates after clicking on the continue reading button below.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Say what U want, but the Doc still knows....


Victoria Justice Covers “I Want You Back” By The Jackson 5

I'm glad I found this live version of "I Want You Back" covered by Victoria Justice and the cast of "Victorious" because the video is horrible.

Everyone gives people flack who cover Jackson 5 songs or MJ songs for that matter, but Victoria does a great live version...and her mic is on. So, hopefully the Michael Jackson fans will dig this cover of the J5 classic that was recorded at the Avalon in Hollywood, Ca.

What do you think of it?-DocFB

Diagnosis: With Her I Would Be Victorious Too


Victoria Justice Caught Kissing Her “BFB”?

Victoria Justice & Ryan Rottman Photo: FamePictures.com
Victoria Justice & Ryan Rottman Photo: FamePictures.com

Victoria Justice & Ryan Rottman Photo: FamePictures.com

We don't think Victoria Justice was kissing her "BFB" (Best Friends Brother) over the weekend in L.A., but we don't know if Ryan Rottman is her BFB.

The actress/singer who has a hit with "BFB" was in L.A., taking a break from filming "Fun Size" with Chelsea Handler, who plays her mom in the film due in 2012.

Ryan Rottman is no slouch himself, starring in "TeenNick" on the Nickelodeon channel.  For those that do not know, Victoria stars in "Victorious" which also airs on Nickelodeon.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Disney Better Watch Out For Nick


Video: Drake Bell Reminds Us Of George Harrison In “Terrific”


Please tell me it's not just us that hears and sees George Harrison when listening to Drake Bell's "Terrific" off his new EP?

We are digging the new song, the first in 5 years for Bell.  His new EP, "Reminder" drops today on I-Tunes.  The reason for Bell's break in the past 5 years?  Acting on different Nickelodeon TV shows.  Hmm.  Victoria Justice is doing the same thing with Nickelodeon and it appears to be working. 

You can follow Drake on Twitter:  Twitter.com/Drakebell

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Check out "Terrific" from Bell and let us know what you think.-Dr.FB


Video Premiere: “Best Friends Brother” Victorious Cast featuring Victoria Justice (Funk It!)

"My Best Friend's Brother" is by the "Victorious" Cast featuring Victoria Justice and we are giving it a funk it!

Do you think it should be a funk it or dunk it though?

Let us know. We are digging it and we are sure it is bringing some high school crush flashbacks for sure.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis: BFB