Video Premiere: Dionne Bromfield “Foolin”


The first time I heard this, I thought it was the new Amy Winehouse.  But it is not.  "Foolin" is the latest from 15-year-old Dionne Bromfield.  What a soulful voice.  I am digging it. 

You guys hearing Amy like me though?  Check out "Foolin'" and let me know what you think.

I am thinking we need to FUNK this one for sure.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Amy Would Dig This

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  1. Damn, Dr Funk, get your facts straight. Dionne is Amy’s god-daughter and signed to her Lioness record label. She’s not 20, she’s 15!!!

  2. A black amy winehouse,whatta know about that! I could grow 2 like it!

  3. happy to help! knew that name sounded familiar…

  4. Thank you Amina. Knew there was a connection but did not know what… :)

  5. Sounds like Amy cuz she is on her label and she’s her godmother.

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