Video Premiere: Yelawolf “Daddy’s Lambo” (Funk It Or Dunk It?)

OK, at first, with all the tattoos, I thought it was Travis Barker making a rap video. It is not. Sometimes...I like the flow...other times...I am like..."is this guy for real...?" when it comes to "Daddy's Lambo" by Yelawolf.

Not sure what I think, so it is up to you, our faithful reader; do we FUNK it or DUNK it??????

"Daddy's Lambo" is in your hands? Until then, I will stick to your sister's Civic.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis: Pop A Squat

Comments (2)
  1. Doc… The songs… ‘aight… HOWEVER, it is gonna be a huge hit… My kids loved it, I’m ol’school… Give me some, “Rakim, X Clan, Common, or Ice Cube”, any day… now that’s who everyone is sleepin’ on… Cube’s: Nothing Like L.A.
    But this joint has a great hook… Lamboooo… Lamboooo

  2. not diggin it. something about his image i am not buying/not believable. two thumbs down, sorry.

    also, not sure why but Weird Al came to mind when I was checking this out…..

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