Video Premiere: Lady Gaga “Edge Of Glory”


The "Edge Of Glory" by Lady Gaga World Premiered tonight on Fox's "So You Think You Can Dance" and can now we can premiere the video on here.

Check it out and let us know what you think.  Edgy?  Has glory?  Did Lady Extravaganza do it again?  Let us know.-Dr.FB

P.S.  COOL to see Clarence Clemons in the video!

Diagnosis:  Oh My Stars & Garters!

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  1. Love the song but the vid, not so much. its got some cool moments….but to many unecessary, hair flips, self-fondeling, twists, turns, kicks…..etc. If this video was supposed to help push the song beyond it’s peak chart position (3) currently down to #6……don’t think its gonna help much.

    what would have been cool (like she did with Clarence) was to have several different versions of the song with other 80’s icons…..a guitar version with Prince delevering a slick guitar solo comes to mind.

    Glad to see Clarence again — still sonds good!

  2. This sounds so 80’s……but I still respect Clarence and hope he gets well soon…….but I’m pretty much over lady Gaga……she ain’t doin’ nothin’ Madonna didn’t already do, or Cher, or whoever you wanna reference……..She just keeps borrowing from the greats and prayin it provides a career…….which so far (unfortunately) it has.

  3. The only place I can imagine hearing this song is inside a gay nightclub on a hot sweaty dance floor surrounded by shirtless men. Nothing wrong with that. Not really my cup of tea but I guess if you are into that, you may love this music.

  4. She’s fearless.. I love her. Good stuff. Love for Clarence

  5. I like Lady Gaga but don’t this song or this video are very good. Nice seeing The Big Man & hope he is better soon.

  6. pretty frikkin awsome i love this video …..

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