New Nikka Costa PRO*WHOA Out NOW!!!


Yup, what you are seeing is an ad for the NEW Nikka Costa PRO*WHOA and it is out now!

You can get it on I-TUNES HERE!!!!!

It is a 6 song EP that you can get for $4.99 for ALL 6 tracks.  Like that guy at Panda Express talking about the 2 item combo; "What a bargain."

Also, Nikka is TOURING and you can check out ALL the Tour Dates that Nikka has RIGHT HERE!!!

Nikka is playing L.A. this Thursday Night at The Roxy and you know I will be there!  This is Nikka's most extensive tour date in a few years.  Make sure to check her out.  You will NOT regret it!-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Nikka Has Our Something!

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  1. Yeah man. Nikka’s brand new EP is FIRE!!!!
    Check it out y’all!


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