Pancakes! PRINCE’s “Breakfast Can Wait” Now On iTunes!

From 3rdEyeTunes to iTunes. PRINCE’s “Breakfast Can Wait” is now on i-Tunes, Google Play, and Amazon! The cover has Dave Chappelle famously dressed as Prince and serving it up! The song is being released through his new distribution deal with the independent Kobalt Label Services. So far, the response to the cover and the song […]

Adam Lambert & Sauli Take In New York Fashion Week

Sauli Koskinen & Adam Lambert. Photo: Gettyimages.com

Adam Lambert and boyfriend Sauli Koskinen took in New York Fashion Week and attended The Blonds Fall 2012 Fashion Show. We are glad to see Adam is feeling better as early last week it seemed a flu bug bit him hard while doing promotion for his upcoming album “Trespassing” due in March. For more on Adam […]

Prince Releases New Song “Extraloveable” Listen Now!!!!

Prince & Andy Allo. Photo NPG Records 2011

Prince is about to embark on his “Welcome 2 Canada” tour and in advance, he has released a new song “Extraloveable” now on sale through I-Tunes Canada. Don’t you wanna take a bath with Prince? The song clocks in at just 5 minutes long and features the lovely and talented Andy Allo (&Y) and for […]

Listen Now To Bush’s New CD “The Sea Of Memories”!

Today is a big day for Bush fans across the globe.  Right now, I-Tunes has the exclusive first listen to the band’s long-awaited album “The Sea Of Memories” in its entirety. Not only can you listen to the entire album now, but you can pre-order the deluxe edition of “The Sea Of Memories” which will be on […]