Video Premiere: “Love Letter” Shwayze Featuring The Cataracs & Dev


Shwayze has remixed "Love Letter" a chill track he released under his real name Aaron Smith last year.  This time, he added The Cataracs & Dev.

This version is a cool summer jam around the twilight of the day.  Still thinking about Lady Gaga it seems.

When interviewing Shwayze in the past, he let us know he has a crush on Lady Gaga.  "You seen that booty?"  Yes we have, Shwayze, yes we have.

Check out "Love Letter" and we hope you like it.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Eh Eh

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  1. this is a dope little chil out song i love it i think i have the same shirt he is wearing in the vid . oh p.s i think i just saw sky blue from lmfao makeing a cameo in
    the clip

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