Lady Gaga Using The Gay Community To Sell Records?

Lady Gaga Photo:

Lady Gaga Photo:

Lady Gaga has a lot of gay fans. So does Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Others are saying she is using the gay community to sell cd’s.  Instead of ignoring the comments, Gaga did an interview with The Advocate to talk about it and deny it.

Gaga states this about using her gay fans; “one of the most ridiculous statements anyone can make about me.”

She also tells The Advocate that “I would say the top thing I think about every single day of my life, other than my fans, loving the music, and my family being healthy, is social justice and equality.”

Hmm.  She cares about her gay fans. So what?  She cancelled a lucrative deal with Target for her “Born This Way” special edition set to be carried exclusively by the retailer after outrage from the gay community for Target’s stance and contributions to anti-gay businesses.  So, it really is not using when she has passed on business deals that would help her by protecting them and understanding she has a pretty big gay fan base.

Do you think Lady Gaga is using her gay fans?-Dr.FB

Diagnosis: Much Ado About Nothing



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    Posted at 09:40h, 04 April

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  • Aleks
    Posted at 13:07h, 14 March

    UHM, you can still buy her CD there… Backing out of that agreement was even more beneficial for her because it made the availability of her CD much more widespread. She didn’t do anyone a favor people that were going to buy the CD bought it and if they wanted to buy it from Target they could. She didn’t do anyone any favors or really support anything.

  • Art
    Posted at 22:12h, 06 July

    Gay people relate to Lady Gaga and her music just like we did with Madonna. Whether Gaga claimed us or we claimed her doesn’t matter. The diversity she projects unlike other celebrities today is something gay people relate with. To have a popular ally like Gaga in our corner is powerful especially for the younger generation in accepting themselves – who else is singing about being “Born This Way”. On the Target situation, if Target wants to support politicians with anti-LGBT agendas then Thank You Lady Gaga for supporting the LGBT community in this round because without you it would not have reached the public media the way that it has. I rather shop at Walmart than step foot in a Target. Best Buy you’re next!

  • Nat
    Posted at 21:44h, 05 July

    Call the law! Justin Bieber is “using” tweens to sell his records.

  • Nat
    Posted at 21:44h, 05 July

    Maybe I’m just dull for not getting it, but this doesn’t even make sense. If you like her, you buy her records. If you do not like her, you do not buy her records. What does gay or straight even have to do with it?

  • Dave
    Posted at 20:51h, 05 July

    I think she went about everything the wrong way. Claiming the gay community instead of letting the community claim her. As far as the whole Target thing, she pretty much used that for promotions, to get the “gay” community to respect her. We’ll see where she is 10 years from now. I hope she turns it around, cause she does have talent – but she wasting it by doing bad house music and a whole bunch of fake silly stuff. The whole egg thing… please. #fail

  • Sharon S
    Posted at 20:36h, 05 July

    I have been saying exactly this: Lady Gaga is only interested in promo herself and does what is necessary to expand her fanbase. Not once has she really done anything to support other artists nor has she really done anything except yell like a crazy woman at a rally ref: CA marriage. What has she done to raise money for the effort? What has she done to donate to various causes to help the legislation and passage of the bill in any STATE. I read a tweet recently after NY passed their bill something like this “WE DID IT.” She didn’t do anything nor did her little monsters (avg age 13). One day hopefully people will stop thinking she’s anything other than a self-absorbed, self-centered, opportunist.

  • Laurie
    Posted at 20:16h, 05 July

    I think it’s telling she only cancelled the Target deal AFTER the gay community’s outrage. If she was a staunch supporter, you would think she’d know Targets history.

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