Prince & Andy Allo Perform Acoustic Version Of “Guitar” Listen Now!

Andy Allo & Prince. Photo: Gerard van den IJssel
Andy Allo & Prince. Photo: Gerard van den IJssel

Andy Allo & Prince. Photo: Gerard van den IJssel

Wow.  This is cool.  Andy Allo just posted this track to her Facebook Page and it is something else!  It is Prince and Andy doing an acoustic version of his song "Guitar" with Andy on lead and Prince backing her up.

Hmm.  We wonder where it was recorded with Andy on tour with Prince.  Backstage?  On stage?  In a studio?  Aww, who cares!  As long as we get to hear it.  Check out Prince and Andy performing an acoustic version of "Guitar" below!

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Diagnosis:  U Do Know The Rest, Don't U?

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  2. I think its nice and its cute… He’s teaching her so much… When she’s done with him she’ll have seen so much and learned so much that she would never have otherwise. Very few people are so fortunate to be able to spend so much time with a master outside of his (normal) band.

  3. Are some of you slow? This is a recording of an old P tune that sounds like it was just done off the cuff to have some fun. Do some of you think this is a new release? Are we really that slow?

  4. She is really inspiring Prince. He seems smitten over her. I wonder what is next?

  5. Not a good recording but a good version.

  6. damn yall complain so much no matter what and u wonder y prince dont deal with putting his music online yall bitch about everything no matter what this is just a fun version of the song nothing he wants 2 b nominated 4 a grammy just a little something shut the hell up and enjoy or die

  7. I like it, I think it’s cute. I like her voice.

  8. I enjoyed the original version and the guitar on here is cool, but WHY? I could do without this version. Thank you for sharing though. To each his own, do what cha like Prince, but I think your admires can do without this version. Thank you.

  9. Hey Prince! It’s time to start living up to your name.

  10. Why does this sound like a Toys R Us commercial? “I don’t wanna grow up, I’m a Toys R Us kid, so many games at Toy R Us that I can play with….” Lame. What happened to the man, the musician.

  11. Prince needs to open his own museum where people go to see Prince visuals(concert footage, videos, etc.) and hear Prince’s unreleased recordings; $25 to walk in gets you a non-copyable recording, a Prince gift shop could sell everything imaginable…a Prince hotel/restaurant complex nearby… Name the place “Prince’s Vault” or something more transcendent. How about a related tv program: Prince’s Music School; where Prince could teach children how to write and play music…and he could partner with Google for a website that shows and plays whatever Prince wanted, and they could block “copying features”. Prince thinks big, very big, now he needs to think bigger.

  12. Mathew 22:36-40

  13. … sounds like a demo and I don’t mind. *smile*

  14. Thanks PRINCE, Andy and the good doc. The rest in here.. Best to chill. The world is f-ed up enough as it is..

  15. Prince needs to get back to some real music, this is awful! Stop putting the very very very young girlfriend out front and do what Prince has always done, play the best music. I would be pissed if I were the other actual musicians in the band that his plaything is getting all the spotlight.

  16. sounds it’s recorded on a smartphone

  17. Nice, they look in Love and they both love their Guitar more, so that’s no problem. She is a bit young but who knows, how about a Prince Rogers Nelson the 3rd. I was at North Sea Jazz, but I had no Prince ticket, I saw him in Rome already, so I don’t know Andy Allo, she looks like an entertainer too, I’m almost tempted to go to the show on july 26th in Ahoy

  18. Perhaps, this song was recorded in a bluedark Van, while they were waiting on something!

  19. Prince is funny and still alive!

  20. Oh dear, this is trash, my ears… Oh NO!! 🙁

  21. Thanks for the photocredit!

  22. Hmmm sounds like a night on the couch kidding around.

  23. Everything about this is WEAK, except Prince’s guitar playing. Why is she in the band?

  24. A father daughter duet. How cute!

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