New Kanye West & Jay Z Track Tribute To Otis Redding; Listen Now!

Jay Z & Kanye West.  File Photo
Jay Z & Kanye West. File Photo

Jay Z & Kanye West. File Photo

Kanye West & Jay Z just dropped their latest single and it is a tribute to a music legend.  The track, "Otis" is a tribute to Otis Redding, and even samples the legendary R & B singer.  The song sampled is "Try A Little Tenderness" and it is cool.

Kanye and Jay Z trade boasts over the track.  It is from their upcoming CD entitled "Watch The Throne" which comes out in August.  It is a highly anticipated release from 2 artists at the top of the rap game. 

Check out the track below and let us know what you think.-Dr.FB

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Diagnosis:  Whose Wearing Whose Chain?

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  1. What a ridiculous response. Do you have to blindly love everything that someone makes? Tigris clearly likes Jay-Z and probably Otis, so he checks this out. I like Kanye and of course Otis, so I check this out. Both of us were hugely disappointed as this is absolute crap. That you have no criticism and actually don’t say anything about this, doesn’t really matter, does it? If I hear what you’re saying, these two could make a rap version of Purple Rain in which they also turn it so that it’s about bitches and how great they themselves are and you’d still love it?

  2. Its amazing how people who have NO talent, can sit around and criticize….you don’t like it, DONT LISTEN LAMES!

  3. What a disgrace. Using Otis’ brilliance to generate publicity for another lame “money, look I’m great” rap song. I know Jay-Z usually can’t come up with anything else, but Kanye has done so much groundbreaking stuff in rap and then he does this?! Appalling.

  4. How is this a tribute to Otis? Just cuz the track is over a Otis song??? Come on Jay… I had higher expectations of u! I expect whackness from Kanye but not Jay… Imma have to give a HUGE thumbs down to this one….

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