P. Diddy Back With J.Lo? Say It Isn’t So!

The Dress, Jennifer Lopez & Diddy. File Photo
The Dress, Jennifer Lopez & Diddy. File Photo

The Dress, Jennifer Lopez & Diddy. File Photo

No. No. Nooooooo!  There are rumors hitting the Internets that Jennifer Lopez and Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs or P. Diddy or P. Didddly Diddly Didddly Dee or Swag are hooking up again.  Seriously?

The man with more names than Charlie Sheen’s Ho A Dex is said to be glad with his “fantasy” girl and is very excited.  Puff The Magic Dragon’s friends however, are afraid that J. Lo is going to hurt him and not be there for him when he really needs her.  Her hurt him?  Really?

We all know that Sean still carries a torch for J. Lo, and with her recently divorcing Marc Anthony, we have a feeling he planted this story himself.

I am not believing it!  Until I see a photo of them together, I am not buying it.  I thought she didn’t like things that were “puffy” anymore.  Nope.  Not believing it. 

What do you guys think?  Should she get back with….shudder….P. Diddy?-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Seeing That Dress Again Yes.  Diddy? No!




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  3. Trudy June

    Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Jennifer from the block and Diddy on her stock ! I Like it … They gotta do the thinking, not me ….

  4. Listen up. I’ll be the first to say it publicly, that if Jennifer Lopez is going to hook up with anybody, it should be me. BUT, like that Prince lyric, “I ain’t got no money, but honey, I’m rich on personality” suits me perfectly. If she’s looking for a real man, one that’s confident, loving, attentive, NOT jealous, possessive and able to deal with her power, fame, $$ and traveling to get projects done as well as a lover of children and animals, than I am her man, NOT P. Diddy. I’m just sayin’. Cool?

  5. Denise H

    I hope both Marc n Jen do whatever their hearts desire. Despite of what anyone has to say. Whether true or not. I hope she has a blast. Go ahead girl, get down.. Be, laugh, n love.

  6. paulito1999

    Sad thats all it takes is a photo these days. Even more sad we put these people on pedestales. They’re only human. Just let em be.

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