Foo Fighters Go On A Garage Tour


The Foo Fighters had a contest to play in people's garage's.  No joke.  Wonder if some neighbors thought it was local teenagers playing in their garage and not the Foos!  Ha!

This is really cool.  Dave Grohl and the boys are awesome.

Check out the full length version of the Garage Tour and let us know what you tihnk.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  There Goes My Hero...

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  1. These dudes are the best. I Love them so much. The third winner. (the dude with the cool hair do and got Dave on the tractor) Bro, You are THE WINNER !! Hero Love xx

  2. Very, very cool video and performance! Foo Fighters are one of the best rock bands around today and the fact they were a part of this garage contest is a testament to how cool Dave and company really are. When it comes to frontmen, Dave is among the best and is one amazingly down to earth and righteous guy. As for the concert, incredibly powerful and spontaneous! Rock and roll is very much alive and well!

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