Maya Rudolph Covers Prince’s “Darling Nikki”

Saturday Night Live’s Maya Rudolph took the Troubadour stage in Los Angeles over the weekend to cover “Darling Nikki” by the one and only Prince.  Maya got the pipes and she should since her mom is soul legend Minnie Ripperton.

Maya performed the Prince classic that Prince only plays before he goes to rehab.  She wore a trench coat…not sure if she had leg warmers n bikini briefs underneath..but that is another story isn’t it?  I like the girl next to her wearing the captain’s hat.  Wonder if she is an “International Lover” or something.  (Crickets chirping.)  No?  Never mind.

She even performed the backwards message at the end of the track.

They did not perform the version of it that made Tipper Gore blush, but closer to a tribute version that Rebecca Romijn performed about 10 years ago.

Check it out before it gets pulled faster than Nancy Grace will be off of “Dancing With The Stars” next month.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis: I Knew A Girl Names Maya….




  1. Chocolate_Box777

    Interesting watching Maya do this. She has a descent voice. I don’t know if her late mother who I’m a fan of would have approved of this song. But she still would be proud of the talented child she created….R.I.P. MINNIE RIPERTON & TEENA MARIE(Maya’s godmother)

  2. Maya certainly is NOT the woman who should do this. She’s not ‘grinding material’ and only surfes on the good works of Prince who knows his stuff! Sorry Darling Maya get your own thangggg

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