Prince Funks Up L.A. As He Jams With Nikka Costa

Nikka Costa played a somewhat private show in L.A. last night for the Hollywood elite at Sayers Nightclub last night which drew the attention of the one and only Prince who was seen in L.A. at Club Hyde over the weekend.

We hear Prince joined Nikka Costa on stage towards the end to jam on bass for a bit.  We have been lucky enough to see Nikka and Prince jam together before so we are only a little jelly that we did not go.

So far, there is no video footage of it, but as soon as we get it, we will share with you.

Because we do not want to leave you without seeing Nikka and Prince, for your viewing pleasure below is footage of Nikka Costa performing with Prince during his 21 night run at The Forum earlier this year in L.A.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis: Got A Whole Lotta Love 4 Nikka & Prince

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  1. You know what would’ve been great? if NYC or NJ could get to experience a performance like this from the both of them =). (yeah dude I am hoping for another show here lol, as if ya’ll couldn’t tell?! lol) Anyway, They’re great together onstage and she has always had a very powerful singing voice.

  2. Thank you for the update on Prince’s whereabouts. I agree with April W – it is nice to know he is out having fun, and obviousl doing well. :)

  3. Oh, My….. I will be in the Bay Area from this saturday ’til next Thursday- If Prince announces any shows in the area, I’m so all over those tickets! His last San Jose show was the best I’ve seen and I’ve seen him 17 times. Prince! Come to the Bay Area, and call Matt Fink, he loves you and you should be playing together again! I told his ass he best hit the treadmill, ‘cuz I know the Dawn is comin’ !

  4. thanks so much for keeping us posted, it is silly but it is nice to know he is out having fun.

  5. thanks for posting!

  6. Keep us posted, PLEASE! :-)

  7. the dr. is always on the money with the info. :)

  8. U know I always trust you Dr. Funkenberry, for all of my Prince info, right?

  9. Wow! He’s having some fun around town… Doctor I’m depending on u to get me to the next one!

  10. Wow! Thank u for posting!

  11. Some people in Minneapolis are reading your comment Maia n going L.A. is not his home. :)

  12. He’s back home!!!!!!! Fingers and toes crossed that he comes to the SF Bay Area soon to show us some love. We miss him something terrible!

  13. Missed out :-(

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