Tyra Banks Tells Howard Stern That Women Should Go Commando

Tyra Banks tells Howard Stern that woman should not wear panties in order to air out their female parts.

She said it is important and then Howard went for the important question; if Tyra was wearing any undies.-DocFB

Diagnosis: To Wear Or Not To Wear Panties; That Is The Question

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  1. lol i agree with Tyra!! Let the pussies air out!! ROFLOL!!

  2. ohhhhh TMI 🙂 ha ha ha 🙂

  3. ewww shes such a stanky nasty stupid chick. AIR OUT… sorry but that must just be a Tyra probloem. I dont need to air mine out…. dont have those kinda overworked and overused problems such as she. And its worse to go commando. Didnt she do enough shows on vagina issues to know that its a self cleaning organ and the cotton portion of undies is to catch and protect? She that type of chick go bare and wear tight as hell jeans…. and then be bytching bout a smell and yeast infection later…. uuuugh Im sorry Im just sick of that broad.

  4. Should be a choice. Not mine, however.

  5. has she ever seen the movie Super Bad?

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