Tyra Banks Tells Howard Stern That Women Should Go Commando

Tyra Banks tells Howard Stern that woman should not wear panties in order to air out their female parts.

She said it is important and then Howard went for the important question; if Tyra was wearing any undies.-DocFB

Diagnosis: To Wear Or Not To Wear Panties; That Is The Question


Video Premiere: “Who Owns My Heart” Miley Cyrus

The lyrics are super cheesy but and I was not going to post BUT when parents start complaining that something is "too sexy" when it is not, I am going to bring it to you.

"Who Owns My Heart"s is the latest song from Miley Cyrus and yes, she rhymes heart with art.  Gag!  But is the video really "too sexy" for a 17 year old?

Who doesn't have a 17 year old just wearing panties and a t-shirt singing in her bed.  It exists.  There is no booty shot.  Nada.  It is tame..and no stripper pole either.

What do YOU think of the video?-Dr.FB


Lady Gaga Plays For Both Teams

Lady Gaga. Photo: FamePictures.com
Lady Gaga. Photo: FamePictures.com

Lady Gaga. Photo: FamePictures.com

A week after rooting on the New York Mets, Lady Gaga showed up to the New York Mets versus the New York Yankees..wearing a Yankees jersey and really not much else.

Gaga wore the Yankees jersey open exposing that she was just wearing a bra and panties and nothing.  Now, if she were knocking on my door, that would be appropriate attire.  For a baseball game?  Not so much.

Come on, you never saw Madonna wearing the cone bra to a Yankees game or Prince wearing ass less pants to a Timber wolves game.  There are ways to dress for a game and still keep your image intact.  Also, after sitting on those seats, who is gonna want that stank ass?

Gaga also made her way into the Yankee club house and flirted with players.  Management was not happy.  It had more to do with her visiting the club house after a loss.  ESPN covered the story as well.  No word if Stuart Scott did the report wearing bra and panties as well.-Dr.FB