David Beckham: “Stripping Down Has Gotten Easier”

David Beckham Photo: Josh Olins for British Esquire

David Beckham will be on the cover of the new British Esquire and he talks about how he wants to be remembered and what its like to strip down for photo-shoots.

It seems it has been easier for him over the years;

"It’s definitely got easier over the years, but when I was in New York, seeing a huge poster [of himself in a pair of briefs] on the side of a building, that was quite daunting. I remember driving past there, and stopping and running out and taking a picture, and this guy walked past me and he was like, 'Oh, my God! Have you seen your d**k up there?' Something disgusting like that. That was funny."

He also talked about how he wants to remembered;

"Just as a hard-working footballer. I want to be remembered firstly as a good and successful footballer because that’s what I’ve done for many years. And then who knows after that?"

Despite what people think, he has been true to himself;

"What you see, that’s me. And that won’t change. I might not walk around in just my underwear every day, but that’s the only thing [that is different about the private man]. I don’t try and hide anything. There’s nothing to hide."

How will you remember David Beckham?-DocFB


Watch Now: David Beckham’s Super Bowl Underwear Commerical

Here is the Super Bowl commercial by David Beckham for H&M underwear.  All it is him and a pair of briefs.  Not much else.  At all.

Beckham appears happy and proud of the ad campaign.  Along with the commercial came a statement from Becks;

"I'm excited about my bodywear ad featuring in this year's Super Bowl. My design team and I spent 18 months developing the collection, it's been a fantastic collaborative experience, and I'm very happy with the end result.  Like every fan, I'm looking forward to Super Bowl Sunday."

Although it did not take much money to make the ad, to air it during the Super Bowl will cost $3.5 million dollars.  Bad economy? Where?-DocFB



Tyra Banks Tells Howard Stern That Women Should Go Commando

Tyra Banks tells Howard Stern that woman should not wear panties in order to air out their female parts.

She said it is important and then Howard went for the important question; if Tyra was wearing any undies.-DocFB

Diagnosis: To Wear Or Not To Wear Panties; That Is The Question


Megan Fox Gets Down To Her Undies For Armani

Megan Fox. Photo: Armani.com
Megan Fox. Photo: Armani.com

Megan Fox. Photo: Armani.com

Thank you Armani!  Armani debuted Megan Fox's latest photo for Armani's underwear campaign. 

Brian Austin Green, you lucky woof woof.  I would Love to tickle her tonsils.  Sigh.-Dr.FB


Christiano Ronaldo Gets Down To His Underwear Just For You

Christiano Ronaldo. Photo: Giorgio Armani
Christiano Ronaldo. Photo: Giorgio Armani

Christiano Ronaldo. Photo: Giorgio Armani

Christiano Ronaldo. Photo: Giorgio Armani

Christiano Ronaldo. Photo: Giorgio Armani

Are you watching the World Cup?  If not, here is some photos of Christiano Ronaldo showing off his abs and his undies for Armani.

You like?-Dr.FB