The Band Formerly Known As “The Time” Returns With New Music! Listen Now!

The Original 7ven. Promo Photo
The Original 7even. Promo Photo

The Original 7ven. Promo Photo

Yes!  “The Time” is finally releasing new music.  One problem; they are no longer called “The Time” but “The Original 7ven” instead.  Hmm.

We have no idea why they are no longer going by “The Time” unless the rumors of Prince owning the name “The Time” and not letting them use it for new music they are recording.

I don’t understand Prince’s reasoning for it since they have been using it for the past 30 years but I guess we will get into that another time.

When I spoke to all 7 original members of “The Time”….I mean “The Original 7ven” they told me that they and Prince were cool.  I mostly spoke to Morris Day and Jerome Benton, but nothing came up about the name change.

For now, “The Time”..we mean “The Original 7ven” are releasing new music for the first time in 2 decades!  The CD “Condensation” comes out in October and the new song “#Trendin” comes out September 20th!

Right now, we have a sample of the new song “#Trendin” below!


What do you think of the new song by “The Time”…we mean “The Original 7ven”?-DocFB

What’s My Name?

P.S.  Morris.  Jerome.  Contact Me!  Thx!




  1. Gotta say it is disappointing to see the name change…besides noone deserves it more than they do!And regardless of where the name came from … there is no other TIME!You can change a name but you can’t change the spots.Feel me? Looking forward to the new album & new shows!HINT HINT! 😉 Thanks for sharing Doc.

  2. Dawn W.

    Hope its available in the UK..and Prince was playing Time video’s ahead of his Hop Farm gig (well ok Paisley Park label stuff of which some were The Time)..notice the No. 7 link is there though..and Time is immaterial isn’t it?..just thoughts

  3. Chocolate_Box777

    Don’t like the snippet or the new name or the album title. But still can’t wait to hear the rest……The album cover is cool though..

  4. Michael

    Will Prince make an appearance at any of the shows; fDELUXE’s, or The Original 7ven’s? Or X Factor…?

  5. Alan

    I really think Prince is behind the name change. The same thing happened with the Family, they are now called Fdeluxe. In other words, pay me or you cant use the name.

  6. Terri W.

    glad they just stopped fussing over the name. they are awesome, i’m psyched. cream rises to the top 🙂

  7. Susan B.I.

    I kinda like “The Band Formerly Known As The Time”. I think P would get a chuckle from that. . . 😀

  8. 1817

    Nice!! I am really looking forward to this. Thanks for sharing.

    I am not sure about the name thing, The Orignal 7ven, its ok……. just this group is “total coolness” and need a name that reflects that. — cant think of anything at the moment, can u ?

    They sould have used the name change as means to get people/radio involved, create hype…….battle of the name contest thing. Stiil cant wait to hear it !!!

  9. Lisa

    doing happy dance- the bird!! yay! thanks for sharing this and for all you do dr funkenberry!!! much love!

  10. Chris G

    #TEASE!!! Sounds promising, but we need more!! Can’t wait for you to post the whole song Doc.

    FDeluxe, The Original 7ven… what’s next “Kotero’s Krew”??

  11. DlottMusic

    every once in a while I shake my head in confusion…Why #Prince? We #GETIT, U built it, now let them fly free! #controlFREAK

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