Justin Bieber Gives Us The Finger: The Middle

Justin Bieber. Photo: Flynetonline.com
Justin Bieber. Photo: Flynetonline.com

Justin Bieber. Photo: Flynetonline.com

We are not sure we want to find Justin Bieber doing this under the mistletoe this holiday season.

While leaving Mr. Chows in London, England, Justin Bieber gave the fingers to the paps that were following him.

He is on his way to Germany.  We wonder what salute Justin will do while there.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  He is number 1.....

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  1. P.S., the sandwich comes from fan n friend of the site Terry Lewis……at least he understands…..

  2. Get over it…….I can’t pigeonhole myself….

  3. I guess you have to get the ratings to pay the bills but I have to agree w/ Joes. I’m don’t know about the others who follow you but personally I come to the Doctor for entertainment news that’s just a bit above. I got nothin but love for ya Doc, but contributing in this way just adds to the shit sandwich.
    w/ respect,

  4. you going to all those million other web sites is why there is a story on him here. When you are signing my checks, then maybe I won’t post. I love how people post comments to stories they don’t like. Its like taking a second bite of a shit sandwich…..

  5. If I want to read about shitstories like these I already have a mln other websites to chose from. Pls Doc!

  6. last i heard he didnt know what germany was. please tell me you have seen that interview doc

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