Pick It Up! PRINCE & 3RDEYEGIRL London Shows Announced!

Poster Roundhouse final version

The long awaited London shows have been announced for PRINCE & 3RDEYEGIRL! We told you when the Hit & Run Part II started there would be London shows but it seems we were doubted. Well...doubt no more!

On June 4th, 3RDEYEGIRL will take the stage at the London Roundhouse 2 times that night.

Tickets will be £75/£85-DocFB

Diagnosis: If you are in London, be there....or else you could end up like our friend below...


Living Room Funk! PRINCE & 3RDEYEGIRL Get Intimate At Ronnie Scott’s!

Prince London Photo: BBC News 6

PRINCE & 3RDEYEGIRL performed 2 shows at Ronnie Scott's in London late last night/this morning that is being described as one of the most intimate concerts the icon has ever done. Imagine him performing in your living room. People were that close.

André Rigedahl was there for the second show and had this to say about his experience:

Just over the moon of happiness and joy and live for music!

PRINCE & 3RDEYEGIRL invited us to their living room at Ronnie Scotts and it was a beautiful, intimate and intense experience. And I had the best seat in the house.

They played incredible versions and jams. Including "Nasty Girl" and "The Love We Make" and "Liatach".

He played keyboard for the most part and also did an amazing bass solo borrowing Ida's bass.

12h of queuing - very intense and exhausting but so worth it in the end.

The set list as I remember it.

They started playing "Stratus"
followed by a beautiful version of Liathach which Prince played with his eyes closed

Other songs played as I remember and not necessary in the right order was "The Max" with a "oooooh Funky Londooon” chant and Prince on bass with "Something In The Water (Does Not Compute)"

"Nasty Girl" evolved into a long "Nasty Girl Jam” session with solos from Ida & Donna. A love Bizzare had some really nice saxophone.

"Superstition" -a looong super funky version

Most of the set was Prince on keys, 3EG and Marcus on Sax.

As one of the encores he wanted to play guitar which was all set up and ready to go in the middle of the stage but the sound of his main mic was to high in the center, resulting in feedback and the sound guy could not fix it so instead he went back to the keyboard.

Prince also did some of the sound adjustments and fine-tunings himself during the show.
The played for about 2h and kept playing well after the 3am official closing time.

We also heard he performed "The Whole Of The Moon" by The Waterboys. What???

It seems Prince did pretty much stick the boards and bass the entire night, taking a break from guitar as Marcus Anderson solo'd on "Purple Rain" for good measure...or 17 measures...if you're funky!

Set list show 1

Set list show 2

Celebrities at the show were Adele, Noel Gallagher (Oasis), Cara Delevingne & Rita Ora.-DocFB

Diagnosis: We are still looking for more reviews for shows, so please send them here to be featured. You can leave them in comments if you like.


Photos Of The Moment! PRINCE LIVE AT KOKO’s!

PRINCE AT KOKO - FIRST SHOW - © 2014 Jenn Five

We were just sent these 3 amazing shots of PRINCE & 3RDEYEGIRL performing at KOKO's in London last night.

The shot above is from show 2 with Prince getting some major air as Marcus Anderson joins 3RDEYEGIRL for the already legendary show.

 PRINCE AT KOKO - FIRST SHOW - © 2014 Jenn Five

The photo above is from show 1. Some lucky music lovers right there!

You can access reviews of both shows here.

For one more photo from KOKO's, click here!



PRINCE Photo: MTV News

PRINCE & 3RDEYEGIRl took over KOKO playing multiple shows and even letting some people in for free towards the end of the last show.


M Walker also had this to say about show 1: Beyond remarkable! Never disappointed! COMPLETELY worth every penny and the 4 hours queue!

Lianne La Havas guested on the first show as far as we know and Marcus Anderson played sax to "777-9311", his first time playing it with PRINCE & 3RDEYEGIRL. We got a taste of what it sound like last month in Los Angeles.

Gil Deker had this to say about the first show:

Got a first balcony spot with great sight. Set list tonight was great and diversed. Highlights for me were "Something In The Water", "FUNKNROLL" "PLECTRUMELECTRUM" and "Sign O The Times". Prince played killer guitar and bass! Great show overall. Sound was better at King's.

For MORE reviews of the show INCLUDING setlists, click here!!!!!



01-Prince & 3RDEYEGIRL-King's Place

PRINCE and 3RDEYGIRL will be playing THREE shows tonight, Feb. 16th, at KOKO in London the venue just confirmed.

#Prince Is playing 3 shows at KOKO tonight. Doors for the first show are at 6pm. If you don't get into the first show you are welcome to queue for the next one. Note: we are not able to answer any further questions about door times etc. as these are to be confirmed. #PrinceWatch

The prices for the last show were 70 pounds.  Venue has not confirmed price yet.

There was already people queuing in line before 8 a.m. this morning for the first show.-DocFB

Diagnosis: 3 shows...1 4 each eye....




PRINCE and 3RDEYEGIRL are set for another Hit & Run gig in London! This time at Kings Place Music Foundation at 90 York Way, London N1 9AG. GET. THERE. NOW!!!!!

The announcement was made moments ago via 3RDEYEGIRL's twitter page!


They tweeted earlier about an acoustic jam Q & A so not sure if this is it. This venue is crazy small. Whomever gets in, gonna be a fun one!

Also, Kiran Sharma tweeted yesterday about ticket prices being 70 pounds.-DocFB

Diagnosis: If in the area, get to KING's PLACE....NOW!!!


Watch Now! PRINCE & 3RDEYEGIRL Perform “Chaos & Disorder” Live In London & Review!

PRINCE 3RDEYEGIRL Shepherd's Bush Empire

One of the surprise highlights for many at the PRINCE 3RDEYEGIRL show in London on Sunday at Shepherd's Bush Empire was the performance of "Chaos & Disorder".

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the footage and the sound! PRINCE, DONNA GRANTIS, HANNAH WELTON, and IDA BASS  are simply awesome!!!!

3RDEYEGIRL! We thought U knew that's how they do!

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