Patti LaBelle Being Sued For Being A Diva To A Baby

Patti LaBelle. Photo:

Patti LaBelle. Photo:

Patti LaBelle is one of the most respected diva’s in music on stage. Off stage…it might be a different matter as she is being sued.

A mother from New York City is suing Patti LaBelle for disrespecting her and her 18th month old daughter.

Kevin and Roseanna Monk filed a lawsuit for an incident that took place in November 2010 at the Trump Towers for saying the legendary singer screamed at their daughter.  A full year after the fact.  Did they see “Tower Heist” and remember the incident?

The Monks at the time lived in the Towers for 2 years and LaBelle was staying there while performing in “Fela” on Broadway.

The Monks claim LaBelle said “‘Do you know what your daughter is doing?’ and The Monks responded back “‘Lady, mind your own business.’”

This allegedly set Patti off on them and even flinging water from a bottle at Roseanna and her daughter.  They said this made the daughter throw up.  Hmm.

It appears the Mrs. Monk went after Patti outside to say she got her daughter all wet and that Patti had to be restrained before she attacked Mrs. Monk.  She said her baby had a hard time sleeping after the incident.

Patti has yet to make a comment but we can bet she will file a countersuit and bring Trump Towers into the picture for allowing this incident to happen and the lawsuit to be filed in the first place.

Do you guys agree with Patti did?-DocFB

Diagnosis:  She did say she has a “New Attitude”…..



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  • sandra jones alston
    Posted at 00:25h, 23 May

    I have seen patty. In concert several times each time she went out of her way to tell. Her guards to let us shake her hand that doesn’t mean that these allegations have no truth I don’t know her personally but her steve harvey shaquille onell I want to meet them or talk to them so bad to let them know they have natural shining lights it seems they are considerate of all people not just celebritys when they speak it really comes from rthe heart its like you Can tell well I can tell they remember how it was before they made it but at the same time don’t think they’re pushovers because they will put u in your place I may be wrong but I don’t think so to the one who said patty was washed up that must be you because patty get a standing ovation everytime she step to the mic sweetheart. I wish one day I can tell these people how long I’ve wanted to tell them you three just keep being yourselves and may god continue to bess youall and your families

  • Gregory West
    Posted at 02:03h, 17 November

    @ Lori GD Patti will never be a ” Has Been ” She worked DAMN hard to get to her place in life . Even at her age she can sing circles around many of today’s top artists who for the most part are only famous because they are in league with the Illuminati of the music industry. Always keep in mind that when you point a finger at someone 3 point back at YOU !

  • Lori GD
    Posted at 10:34h, 16 November

    Patti LaBelle is a has been, and needs to take some meds, really this is the 2nd know incident, her bodyguard brutally beat up a service man for saying something to her. They need anger management, youtube the beating its on security tape.

  • Angela Y.
    Posted at 09:25h, 16 November

    I am sure this is a frivolous lawsuit, BUT I am starting to notice several Patti LaBelle “super diva attitude” stories.

  • Mariah L.
    Posted at 07:13h, 16 November

    Patti shouldn’t have flung the water, but those people sound like they didn’t handle the initial comment properly. “Mind your own business?” What was she doing?
    I can’t believe that the baby couldn’t sleep after that. Really?
    Can you say “frivolous lawsuit”?

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