Uh-Oh! Miguel Might Be Sued By Girl He “Leg Dropped” At Billboard Awards!

Miguel Screen Cap: TheSportsCourier.com

It looks like Miguel may be getting sued for his jump that turned into a leg drop on the Billboard Music Awards.

The girl who Miguel leg dropped, Khyati Shah, is now considering legal action against the singer, according to E! News.

According to Shah's attorney, she has been experiencing "difficulties" since the performance.

E! News also reports the attorney has not spoken to the performer's legal representatives, but did leave open the possibility of a settlement.

Miguel seriously is having a bad month.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Adorn settlements....


Justin Bieber & Usher Sued For Copyright Infringement

Usher & Justin Bieber Photo: Billboard.com

Justin Bieber and Usher are being sued for $10 million dollars for copyright infringement.

Devin Copeland aka Del Rico and songwriter Mareio Overton filed a lawsuit against Bieber and his mentor Usher for $10 million.

It is for the song "Someone To Love" which Copeland wrote a song with the same title back in 2008. Copeland says there are too many similarities between his version and Justin's so he sued.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Just not Justin's week....


LMFAO: We Are Getting Sued & We Know It

LMFAO Promo Photo
LMFAO Promo Photo

LMFAO Promo Photo

LMFAO are being sued for $7 million dollars by their former managers.

The uncle and nephew  team of Stefan “Redfoo’” Gordy and Skyler “SkyBlu” Gordy, have been sued by bosses at personal management company RPM GRP, who state  the band signed a deal with them in 2008 but later disregarded  the contract and hired two of the firm’s former employees to manage them instead.

The lawsuit was filed in Santa Monica and served to Redfoo yesterday before taping "American Idol" and he posed for a picture with the legal papers.

“LMFAO has thanked the managers who took them from ’0 to 60′ by throwing them under the tour bus (i.e. firing them). Instead of hiring new managers, LMFAO then poached two employees of the original managers, hiring them on a salary instead of paying a commission to the original managers.”

We trust there is nothing to LMFAO about the papers but we have a feeling they will still be party rocking no matter the outcome.-DocFB



Patti LaBelle Being Sued For Being A Diva To A Baby

Patti LaBelle. Photo: PattiLaBelle.com
Patti LaBelle. Photo: PattiLaBelle.com

Patti LaBelle. Photo: PattiLaBelle.com

Patti LaBelle is one of the most respected diva's in music on stage. Off stage...it might be a different matter as she is being sued.

A mother from New York City is suing Patti LaBelle for disrespecting her and her 18th month old daughter.

Kevin and Roseanna Monk filed a lawsuit for an incident that took place in November 2010 at the Trump Towers for saying the legendary singer screamed at their daughter.  A full year after the fact.  Did they see "Tower Heist" and remember the incident?

The Monks at the time lived in the Towers for 2 years and LaBelle was staying there while performing in "Fela" on Broadway.

The Monks claim LaBelle said "‘Do you know what your daughter is doing?’ and The Monks responded back “‘Lady, mind your own business.’”

This allegedly set Patti off on them and even flinging water from a bottle at Roseanna and her daughter.  They said this made the daughter throw up.  Hmm.

It appears the Mrs. Monk went after Patti outside to say she got her daughter all wet and that Patti had to be restrained before she attacked Mrs. Monk.  She said her baby had a hard time sleeping after the incident.

Patti has yet to make a comment but we can bet she will file a countersuit and bring Trump Towers into the picture for allowing this incident to happen and the lawsuit to be filed in the first place.

Do you guys agree with Patti did?-DocFB

Diagnosis:  She did say she has a "New Attitude".....


Prince Ordered To Pay $4 Million Over Funky Smell

Prince 3121 Perfume. Revelations.com
Prince 3121 Perfume. Revelations.com

Prince 3121 Perfume. Revelations.com

Ahhh. The smell of celebrity perfume...and the lingering lawsuits that follow.  Prince's 3121 scent distributed by Revelations Perfume and Cosmetics left them with a funny smell.  So much so they sued the music superstar and Prince is being requested to pay close to $4 million dollars for damages.

Why was Prince requested and not ordered to pay $4 million?  Read More>>>>


Scene & Heard: Gaga Takes Japan; America Gets Married; Charlie Strikes Out In L.A. & More!

 Lady Gaga is being sued.  No, not for wearing green armpit hair and cooch hair at the Much Music Awards, but maybe she should have been.  Gaga is being sued by a woman in Michigan who claims that the $5.00 wristband's sold for Japan Earthquake relief are not going to Japan after all.  Her reason?  Because the wristbands were only $5.00 and did not have tax or shipping and handling charges.  Gaga decided to take on those charges and just make the wristbands $5.00  We are told by Gaga's reps the lawsuit has no merit.......

Charlie Sheen returning to TV?  He tells everyone he is.  This time saying TBS wants to sign him and is pulling out all the stops.  We are told by TBS it is not true and they have not discussed anything with the former 2 and half men star.  He claimed earlier this year that HBO was trying to sign him and we are told as well that it is not true.  Add insult to injury, they are killing him off of "2 And Half Men" so he can never come back to the show.....

America Ferrera married her longtime boyfriend Ryan Piers Williams on Monday night.......  Tia Mowry gave birth to a baby boy as her husband Cory Hardrict was by her side.......David Duchovny & Tia Leoni are "taking a break"  after the couple split in 2008 as Duchovny said he was suffering from sex addiction.  The couple soon was back together.  The break was released in a statement on Tuesday.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  We Got You Covered


Warner Bros. Getting Sued Over DVD Restrictions

Redbox is suing Warner Bros. over $1 DVD rentals.

Read the article here and let me know whose side you are on.-Dr.FB