Listen Now To Prince “Dance 4 Me” Mixes

Prince Dance 4 Me
Prince Dance 4 Me

Prince Dance 4 Me

Prince's "Dance 4 Me" remixes are about to be released and the label is giving you a sample of the remixes.

Purple Music has this to say about Prince and the remixes:


The musician that brought us such glorious hits as 'Kiss' or even 'Purple Rain', a man who went on to become one of THE biggest influences on a worldwide scale earning him Seven Grammys and Ten Platinum albums selling over 90 million copies... !!

PRINCE unique artist who plays 26 instruments and has roughly 1000 unreleased songs at his first class Paisley Park Analog Studio in Minneapolis, is once again heading into the club direction with the release of, "DANCE 4 ME" (from the album 'MPLSoUND') out on December 9th on VINYL 12” LIMITED PICTURE DISCS & CD SINGLE.
DANCE 4 ME is a mix between Funk, House and a big room sound that will appeal not only to Prince fans but also the whole new club generation... they will love it!
Releasing music of this iconic superstar, who has penned countless hits for Chaka Khan, The Bangles, Sinead O'Connor and others... it’s for us a massive honour !!…
…..stay connected for more news!!

Check out the remixes below:

Prince "Dance 4 Me" by Purple Music

Let me know what you think. A couple of them I have heard before.-DocFB

Diagnosis: You are standing there in your Christian Dior....

P.S. Thanks to FunkyMrG for the heads up on Twitter.....

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  1. Look up pasta in a good ditayoncri. While there is variation, it is usually cultural or historical and there is really only one FSM religion as there is only one FSM.

  2. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! I’ll take all 6 please. 🙂

  3. I really like these mixes. The original and the Jamie Lewis cuts were the best. I wonder if any of these will hit radio because it would be so wonderful if any of these cuts make it there.

  4. meh. i can’t stand club music.i only skimmed thru it fast. sounds like that house music those kids on jersey shore fist pump to and be drugged out on ecstasy.

  5. Could never be stale! plus sooo many ppl havent heard it, but yeah I like the original the best and IF I ever get a chance 2 again I wont blow it and chicken out and do what the song says…gonna go weep over my morning coffee now *sniff*

  6. Just like the original track, these mixes are not only dated, but bland as hell…
    This song just wasn’t meant for house remixes although the jamie lewis mix comes close (if you put a gun to my head)…

  7. I like all the trax

  8. Why? If you were going to remix something, why not go to something newer? Sticky Like Glue or Laydown? Those would have been better choices, especially since Prince neglected the United States by not releasing it here and we had no choice but to “get it” by other means. I mean, sounds nice and all but the whole lotus and mpls is kind of stale compared to new stuff.

  9. Waste of time, money and energy. Prince should focus on 2011 not some wack preset synth based remixes. What is going on with Prince these days? I used 2 have the best remixes money can buy and now we get this prefabbed nonsense?

  10. Not bad, the 2 new mixes are ok but house music isn’t what is used to be: funky.

  11. Pretty cool….just need to find a club cool and funky enough to play it!

  12. it has some good-feel momnets, but not enough to get me to buy it. still dont get why he choose this old song. i guess depending on the “why” (just cuz, he was board etc) determins the treatment.

    if he HAD to pick an old song off MPLS, he should have choosen Valentina. i can hear Miguel Migs spin a killer treatment of this song and a hip-hop/latin mix feat. Pit Bull.

  13. …..Nope.

    …..I like the original!

    Anywhoo…going to 2 Georges 2nite for cocktails and Christmas music played by my son. Care to join me? lol

    Like Prince said ….I’m a sexy Mutha.

  14. Eh……i’m not into house music. He shouldve given the song to Brittney Spears.

  15. Funny how the number of plays is less and less with the progression of tracks. Is it safe to say the same has happened with each full CD release?
    Diagnosis: Is that it? Wake me when you’re done….

  16. Next time please choose a Real artist for the remixes not a unexperienced kiddies DJ…

    Nraj Chag would be a good one

  17. I’ve totally liked the original and Icon Mix from the jump start, the rest are icing on the cupcake. Thanks Doc.

  18. Dominatrix mix is awesome!! The best one by far.

  19. What a God awful batch of remixes, and terribly composed write up from the label.
    The original is a hot banger though.

  20. What a waste of time and effort. We need new music. Not recycled club trash from 2009.

  21. Are the remixes available in the US?

  22. Yes, I like it. Thx Doc. Thx Prince. Will be on the hunt for the 12′ 2morrow.

  23. Nice! Very Nice! As the Copyright Act of 1976 begins affecting your work(1978+35= 2013…) Prince, please open your ‘vault’ and give us more…in any form U choose…

  24. I’m grooving!

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