Jam Of The Week: “Screwdriver” By PRINCE; Going For Radio Ads Next Week

Screwdriver Cover

Our Jam Of The Week is "Screwdriver" by PRINCE featuring Hannah Ford, Donna Grantis, and Ida Neilsen. The song will be going for ads on radio overseas as Purple Music will be distributing the single.

UPDATE: Purple Music advised the single will be released digitally Feb. 4th on all known online stores.

U can purchase the song NOW on AMAZON, ITUNES, and PURPLE MUSIC,

Purple Music will let us know the release date and formats (picture disc) but advised it will be soon.  Check out their fan page on FacebookUPDATE: Purple Music adv will be a digital release only at this time...

"Screwdriver" debuted on PRINCE's new web site earlier this week with much fanfare. The web site 20PR1NC3.com debuted with an announcement by Billboard Magazine.

It has been a busy month for the music legend as several songs and videos of his have been put out by a twitter account with the handle of 3rdEyeGirl including "Chapter & Verse" which is a sound board recording from PRINCE's 6 sold out shows at the Dakota Jazz Club in his hometown of Minnesota.

If January is any indication of what 2013 has in store for PRINCE (Pr1NC3) fans, then it is going to be BIG! Along with the new web site and the Billboard cover, PRINCE will be receiving the Icon Award at this Year's Billboard Awards May 19th and will be attending a tribute in his honor at Carnegie Hall in March which is being put together by Questlove of The Roots.

"Screwdriver" is a rock number that we cannot wait to hear live.  It is great that it will be getting played on radio stations overseas and getting a release over there.  Here is hoping that a US distributor will step up to the plate soon that would enable the song to get radio play and a proper release out here.

Along with those hopes, why do I envision him going on "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" soon and ripping this song to shreds right in front of Questlove?  Oh well.  A Doc can dream.

Thank you Jamie for the updated cover.

Enjoy the Jam Of The Week, PRINCE's "Screwdriver"!!!-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Dance Lala.....

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PRINCE’s “Rock & Roll Love Affair” Single Artwork Revealed! In Stores 11/22

PRINCE's "Rock & Roll Love Affair" official single will be released overseas by Purple Music on November 22nd and we have obtained the artwork, which you can see above.

The single will include

-Original version
-Radio version
-2 Jamie Lewis Club Mixes

The release will be released on a picture disc, 12" inch vinyl and CD single.

There is no word on when the video will be released as well. It debuted at the Sayers Club in late October in Los Angeles.

We have not heard the remixes yet but I have heard from those that have and they are digging it. As SOON as I can get my ears on some samples, I will post it to share.-DocFB

Diagnosis: "Rock, Rock, Love Affair....."


PRINCE’s “Rock & Roll Love Affair Going For Adds On Euro Radio + More!

Prince's new single "Rock & Roll Love Affair" has entered the charts before it's official release overseas November 2nd.

It has entered the German Top 300 Charts at number 184 and has been sent today to over 200 radio programmers all over Germany so the chart position should increase within a few days. Germany's biggest radio station SWR3 has the song in heavy rotation.

In Italy, the response has been rather positive and is being sent to over 300 radio and media networks there today.

In France, the adds have been somewhat slow, which is surprising, with about a 100 stations playing the song. That should increase shortly.

In Switzerland, Radio 1 was playing the song every 2 and a half hours along with other stations over there playing the song at least 3 times a day.

Expect more attention from music blogs and other media outlets in the next week when it concerns the song and the release on Purple Music November 2nd, 2012.

As of this writing, we do not know about a US release or an Itunes release.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Do You believe in fairytales and Prince's?


PRINCE’s New Song “Rock & Roll Love Affair” Debuts On European Radio; On Sale November 2nd

Purple Music will be distributing the new PRINCE single "Rock & Roll Love Affair" in Europe and other countries starting November 2nd. The single is debuting on European radio starting today.  The cover above is for radio promo only.

Purple Music distributed "Dance 4 Me" remixes last year for Prince. Purple Music made the announcement via it's Facebook Page early this morning.

The announcement of the single being released on vinyl, CD, and digital single was made by the Swiss site 20 Minutes Online with the full version of "Rock & Roll Love Affair" for you to play, which we have included below.

I do find it interesting that the "Purple Rain" font of Prince's name was used. Maybe a throwback to that or something else.

There was a video shot for this last month but word when that video will debut or where. Not sure of this being released in the U.S. the way it is being distributed through Purple Music, but I imagine it could be purchased as an import after it's release overseas.

What do you think of the cover and song?-DocFB

Diagnosis: Jamie Lewis of Purple Music contacted us.  The artwork above is for the radio promotion and is NOT the artwork that will be used for the single cover.


Prince’s “Dance 4 Me” Still Dominating British Dance Charts

Prince Dance 4 Me
Prince Dance 4 Me

Prince Dance 4 Me

Prince's "Dance 4 Me" is still in the top ten British Dance Charts after a week at number 1 last week.

The song has dropped to number 6 but is still in heavy rotation on radio stations overseas. He is ahead of Skrillex, the soon to be king of the dance charts in the U.S. and kept David Guetta out of the number 1 spot til this week.

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Listen Now To Prince “Dance 4 Me” Mixes

Prince Dance 4 Me
Prince Dance 4 Me

Prince Dance 4 Me

Prince's "Dance 4 Me" remixes are about to be released and the label is giving you a sample of the remixes.

Purple Music has this to say about Prince and the remixes:


The musician that brought us such glorious hits as 'Kiss' or even 'Purple Rain', a man who went on to become one of THE biggest influences on a worldwide scale earning him Seven Grammys and Ten Platinum albums selling over 90 million copies... !!

PRINCE unique artist who plays 26 instruments and has roughly 1000 unreleased songs at his first class Paisley Park Analog Studio in Minneapolis, is once again heading into the club direction with the release of, "DANCE 4 ME" (from the album 'MPLSoUND') out on December 9th on VINYL 12” LIMITED PICTURE DISCS & CD SINGLE.
DANCE 4 ME is a mix between Funk, House and a big room sound that will appeal not only to Prince fans but also the whole new club generation... they will love it!
Releasing music of this iconic superstar, who has penned countless hits for Chaka Khan, The Bangles, Sinead O'Connor and others... it’s for us a massive honour !!…
…..stay connected for more news!!

Check out the remixes below:

Prince "Dance 4 Me" by Purple Music

Let me know what you think. A couple of them I have heard before.-DocFB

Diagnosis: You are standing there in your Christian Dior....

P.S. Thanks to FunkyMrG for the heads up on Twitter.....


Prince Strikes Distribution Deal For “Dance” Remixes

Prince Photo: Alberto Ugolini. DrFunkenberry Exclusive
Prince Photo: Roberto Ugolini. DrFunkenberry Exclusive

Prince Photo: Roberto Ugolini. DrFunkenberry Exclusive

What started off as a rumor I was emailed about regarding Prince signing a 3 album record deal turned out to be false.

However, an interesting distribution deal is happening.  For those wishing for new Prince music though, you might be disappointed.