Van Halen L.A. Forum Secret Show Review Tomorrow! “Hot For Teacher” Now!

Van Halen is doing a secret show at the L.A. Forum tonight with tour opening act Kool & The Gang. We were lucky enough to get in and will provide a full review tomorrow.

For now, here is "Hot For Teacher" for last week's secret show that was at Jim Henson Studios in Hollywood.

The tour is selling quite well and the band has even added to more shows at the Staple Center this summer.

We hope this live footage will hold you over and you know we will do our best to get you video footage and photos of the band.-DocFB

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  1. Kool and the Gang? How very parallel universe! And how cool!

  2. Without J.T.?

  3. Me too. Front and center!!!

  4. See any familiar faces?

  5. Kool & the Gang open for VH? That’s gotta be something ya don’t see everyday!

  6. How were Kool and the Gang received? You wouldn’t think both groups would attract the same audience.

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