Video: “The Voice” Coaches Cover Prince

"The Voice" kicked of season 2 episode 2 with a Prince medley and it was....well...not a hot mess.

They kicked it off with "1999" and then Cee Lo did "Little Red Corvette" wearing a red outfit similar to a gold one Prince wore on his last tour. Adam Levine covered "I Wanna Be Your Lover" that needed a little more chicken scratch to me than what was provided. Also, what is up with country artists covering "Kiss" and not realizing it is NOT working?

So what did you think of Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo, Adam Levine, and Blake Shelton's Prince medley tribute?-DocFB

Diagnosis: Prince should show them how it's done...but would he?

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  1. Don’t play me. Leave those songs alone. Do somebody else’s stuff, and let Prince do Prince. These renditions were weak!

  2. I agree. It was ok. I like that they honored Prince on the show…well, I’m looking it as them honoring them. Yeah, Dr. Funkenberry, it wasn’t a hot mess. lol. Thanks for posting it. 🙂

  3. It wasn’t horrible….still cool to see how excited people get to hear those songs…nothing like the original though…

  4. saw it, was pretty nonplused. The truncated group versions didn’t help. Much prefer a solo effort by Ceelo

  5. Uh oh…

  6. The tribute was pretty good to me. It wasn’t the best. They all sounded like themselves and that is what I expected. Christina who barely sung, hit a few highlight notes very strong like she always does, Cee-Lo sang non-chalant like he always does (Boy oh Boy, if he would only just really sing a song with that God given talent of a voice) and Adam sound great to me and Blake Shelton sound great, I could actually hear Prince’s Kiss song being a country cover.

  7. Adam nailed IWBLY !! I would love to hear him do a full version.

    I agree with Terri W — vary few can cover Prince and own it.

    Was it just me or did Cee Lo seem not into it…..

  8. Adam Levine’s part was the best, I like how he did IWBYL.

  9. Thats right brecthen…I forgot about Tom Jones…he was awesome…but these four? meh. Stilted and uncomfortable.

  10. Kiss was a tom jones cover 😛

  11. When other people attempt Prince records it highlights the lack of emotional understanding they have of the lyrics, or they can’t really let themselvesgo there and live it for the duration of the song. So, they become bad Prince impersonators. No matter the vocal chops involved. If you can’t OWN the song like Sinead or Chaka….you just shouldnt do it. Its not like Prince is dead lololol

    They should have invited him to come and do it.

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