Adam Lambert Won’t Even Get Out Of Bed For $80,000

Adam Lambert. Photo: Adamtopia.com
Adam Lambert. Photo: Adamtopia.com

Adam Lambert. Photo: Adamtopia.com

Adam Lambert won't leave his bed for $80,000 let alone perform for that much. In fact, if you want to book the singer for a performance in Russia, it will cost you $500,000, according to a new lawsuit.

A company that claimed to work for Adam, Family Productions here in Santa Monica, California told a company based in the UK, Madison Universal, if they wanted to book Lambert for 2 shows, it would cost them $80,000.

The UK firm paid 10% of the fee, about $8,000 and nothing happened.  They tried to get the money back but Family Productions would not do so.

The UK firm contacted Adam's agency, CAA, and asked about Adam performing for the $80,000.  The CAA agent said it is actually closer to $500,000 or more for Adam to do two shows over there.

So Madison Universal is now suing Family Productions for over $25,000 for lying about Adam's services.

We are not sure if Adam is taking this lying down, but we know unless it is $500,000 you won't be hearing him sing.-DocFB

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  1. I love it. His voice is definitely worth it, ngl!

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