Brian McKnight Really Does Want To “Show You How Your P**** Works”

Ahh. Brian McKnight. The singer of "One Last Cry", "Anytime", "Back At One" and now...."Let Me Show You How Your Pussy Works" which he put out on youtube. Oh Brian, you crazy guy you.

It would have been better if he put it out without teasing it n singing along with it.  He is already stating he wrote it and did it because he is going stir crazy after an injury to his achilles.

Not how your "body" works.  Not let me show you how your "box" works.  No inventive word play.  Just straight down to the cooch.

That's not to say we don't like it.  It's a funny like, not like Oh, I gotta put that in a mix n get it on to that song.

What do you guys think?

One thing we can say is...somewhere.....R. Kelly is killing himself for not coming up with it first.-DocFB

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  1. He was having some fun i believe.I can imagne if he were singing this to a woman he was in a relationship with as a joke…or not.You know saying “cmere baby,let me wear it as a hat 2nite. He has a such a pleasing voice I would love to see him outside the box.
    I almost forgot about him

  2. Based on my girlfriend’s reaction, this won’t end well for McKnight – “Nobody’s going to tell me how my [body] works!”

  3. Am I the only one that finds this funny!?!?

  4. lol !!! this is sad. pull it together bro

  5. And in certain hoods and wannabe burbs, people are celebrating…..SMH

  6. ‎4 him 2 down grade his music 2 rapper type lyrics at his age & ndustry establishments…C’mon SON!!!

  7. All publicity is good publicity…

    Maybe this is some type of brilliant Joaquin Phoenix-esque media hoax. Whatever it is, I honestly don’t think that this video was made as naively as it appears to be. I haven’t seen Brian’s name make this many headlines in years. I forgot he even existed, to be honest. And this man (assuming he’s in his right mind) fully knew that this was bound to create controversy. It’s all new media/viral marketing.

  8. Boo! He didn’t need to go there. Not interested!

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