Jessica Simpson Debuts Baby Maxwell In People; Talks Breast Pumping

Jessica Simpson. Photo:

Jessica Simpson. Photo:

It may have seemed like Jessica Simpson was pregnant forever, but she has given birth and she gives the first photos to People Magazine.

The baby, named Maxwell Drew was born on May 1st.

Jessica’s life including sleeping habits have forever changed. “Life has completely changed. From how I sleep to what I think about, Maxwell has definitely taken over everything!”

Jessica also shared about breast pumping and when she haves to give her hubby Eric Johnson the bottle.

“It’s the worst if I have to pump and give Eric a bottle to give her. I miss holding her and having that closeness,” “We stare at her all the time. We can’t get enough.”

Congrats to Jessica and Baby Maxwell Drew.  We hope when you return to music, whenever it is, you return on the pop soul tip.  Example below.-DocFB




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