Christina Milian Gives Us The 2 Piece With A Biscuit

Christina Milian  Photo:  Twitter

Christina Milian is vacationing.....somewhere. You know Christina Milian. She had that really huge song called....something. OK, OK. You also know her from "The Voice" and she used to be married to rapper/producer The Dream until he cheated on her with his manager.

Maybe The Dream is reconsidering after Christina tweeted these photos out of herself.

Uh yea Dream. How are things working out with your manager still?-DocFB

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  1. Thanks for that Grant. Will check that out. Will pass along the message if I see her. ;)

  2. She looks amazing.I have bought all her tunes and “From am 2 pm”I love this Christina.I’m a pretty cool 30 something slice of vanilla and I would marry her in a heartbeat.Forget all the other diva’s,Christina is the love of my life.

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