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Dania Ramirez Gives Us & Men’s Fitness The 2 Piece With A Biscuit

Men’s Fitness has gotten hip to Dania Ramirez, featuring her in their magazine giving us the “2 Piece With A Biscuit” meal. The men’s magazine showed us in that beautiful purple bathing suit and an interview. They asked about her biggest vice: “Laughing inappropriately at moments that aren’t funny. I have a few others I […]

Christina Milian Gives Us The 2 Piece With A Biscuit

Christina Milian is vacationing…..somewhere. You know Christina Milian. She had that really huge song called….something. OK, OK. You also know her from “The Voice” and she used to be married to rapper/producer The Dream until he cheated on her with his manager. Maybe The Dream is reconsidering after Christina tweeted these photos out of herself. […]

Jennifer Lopez Gives Us The “2 Piece With A Biscuit” For Her Birthday

Jennifer Lopez. Photo:

Jennifer Lopez celebrated her 42nd birthday yesterday in Miami, Florida on a yacht.  She enjoyed herself, dancing in the photo above, and was with friends and family, including manager Benny Medina. It was a private yacht called the “Never Say Never”  (oooh, someone is a James Bond fan aren’t they?) and she also had a […]

Sofia Vergara Heats Up Italy

Sofia Vergara. Photo:

My italian is a little rusty..or kind of non-existent…or else I would throw in a few things about how hot Sofia Vergara looks.  Alas, I will have to tell you in boring old English. She was with her boyfriend Nick Loeb, but did not feel the need to post photos of him.  We think her […]