PRINCE Ready To Take Over Hollywood For Kimmel Afterjam!

PRINCE is set to perform on Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight with Andy Allo. He will be doing a mini-concert outside the studios. After that, PRINCE & The NPG will be taking over The Sayers Club in Hollywood for an event that is already at capacity before a ticket was sold.

The Sayers Club holds around 200-250 people and we hear the only way a ticket could be obtained for tonight was through the club itself. Knowing this club’s clientele, it is going to be a whose who in Hollywood that will be in attendance.

When we have further details, will pass them on as soon as possible.

Hopefully, the Kimmel mini-concert runs long for those in attendance for the free taping.-DocFB




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  2. I also completely dug Prince’s outfit and loose curled hair and wish he had used that look for his Chicago tour poster instead of those sleeping goggles, tight fro and tight, multicolored shirt.

  3. Prince surprised even me. Glad to see a largely new band and no backing singers in place. Sounded reenergized and wonderful. The last person I expected behind the drums was a blonde, white woman but she tore it up better and more funky than i’ve seen in awhile. The live version of R&R Love Affair was so good and electric compared to his studio version. I was floored and hope Prince can learn to record as well in studio as he sounds live.

  4. To me, it’s kinda pretentious for Prince to choose an after-party concert venue that is so small and exclusive. Nothing like a wealthy celebrity playing for other wealthy celebrities. I guess all us small folk ain’t special enough. Maybe next time, Prince will play a much larger venue where anybody that wants to get into can.

  5. When it comes to seeing Prince live…Been there done that. After the 8 shows at The Forum, he ain’t gonna do anything I haven’t heard and seen a million times already. For all those seeing him tonight, have fun.

  6. Kate Basura

    I don’t know what is more depressing….Finding out about this type of event the day after it happened, or finding out about it in advance but knowing you do not stand a chance of getting into it! All I can do is remember all the happy times I was witness to such an afterjam in the past, thanks to my NPG Music Club membership. Those were the days! (sigh)

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