The Twitter account for 3RDEYEGIRL just tweeted that there will be a listening party for PLECTRUMELECTRUM Saturday Night July 12th at PRINCE's PAISLEY PARK Studios in Minnesota. No cover!

The tweet said to check 3RDEYEGIRL's Twitter account for more details.

We will update this post as more info becomes available.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Can someone bring a notepad n report for us please?

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PRINCE wasn't playing when he said he would be returning to the UK/London after simply taking over there for at least a month with surprise shows all over London. There has already been 4 shows announced that will go on sale Friday.

http://www.ticketmaster.co.uk/ and http://www.gigsandtours.com/ already have the shows listed. The news broke over here in the U.S. around 3 in the morning my time and I reached out to confirm the story that The Guardian broke, figuring Prince's people would still be up. Still no response but fairly obvious the icon is coming back!

Only UK dates have been announced...so far. Leaving it as London/UK as more dates will be announced.

Extra Dates in UK

There is a lot of room for shows to be added just between the dates and who knows how long he will be out there this time?-DocFB

Diagnosis: Make sure not to miss next week's PRINCE Spreecast where we will be discussing the UK dates and more! We might have to do a special UK Spreecast again in May!


Marathon Man! PRINCE Performs 4 Hour Amazing Show At Palladium

PRINCE Photo: WireImage.com

The L.A. Marathon was held on Sunday morning but PRINCE decided to have his own marathon Saturday night with his 3RDEYEGIRL and NEW POWER GENERATION bands.

I could easily just post the set list (Over 60 songs in total) and that could be the review of the material he went through Saturday night but that would be cheating.

On Friday night, Prince and his band performed for under an hour, pulling out one of the longest versions of "Days & Of Wild" I have ever heard and the first time I heard "Extraloveable" live as well. It really was just a small taste of what was to come Saturday night.

The show kicked off with the as yet unreleased "Big City" followed up by NPG Diva Elisa performing "Superconductor" and as the NPG Horns went into "1999", Hollywood knew what kind of party it was going to be. Prince then picked up Donna Grantis's guitar for a little bit of chicken scratch and gave it back to her. He would not pick up a guitar again til the last 2 songs of the show.

Prince was in a great mood for the crowd as they went through "Extraloveable", "Let's Work", "Love Machine", "U Got The Look", "Nothing Compares 2 U" duet with Shelby J. "Take Me With U" was played as the crowd wanted to go anywhere Prince was willing to take them, achy feet be darned.

As Prince reached into his catalog and songs he wrote for other people, it was like he was turning chapters of how great music was, and how great music is when you have talented musicians around you to perform. From "Purple Rain" being played with a sax solo from Marcus Anderson instead of the usual guitar solo, Prince was not following the script of what "you have to do" when performing a signature song.

He did many songs that I did not hear live before until that night. We don't need to go into how many shows I have been to but if I have been to another artists show that many times, there is no way I would have heard them do one song I haven't heard before.

Prince Photo: Kevin Mazure/WireImage.com

Later in the night legendary rapper Doug E. Fresh joined Prince on stage as he would rap over beats like "Hot Thing" and was simply amazing during "If Was Your Girlfriend" and "Forever In My Life" with Prince on keys and then picking up his bass as Doug E. beat boxed. Yea, that script I was talking about, Prince threw it away a long time ago.

Every Prince hit and song you can imagine, he performed. He closed out the show playing guitar with a high energy performance of "Let's Go Crazy" and "FUNKNROLL" the song he opened up the Arsenio Hall show with last week.

The "FUNKNROLL" remix was played in all its bass glory after the show ended.

When you get wind of Prince playing your town, if you get a months notice or a few hours, find a way there. Someone found out about the show after 8, got dressed, headed down there with a $100 cash ans was in there with no problem. That coulda been you, but you were playing.-DocFB

Diagnosis: For the legendary set list, click here!


His Way! PRINCE To Take Over Hollywood Palladium Tonight! Tix On Sale At Door

PRINCE Photo: Kevin Mazur/WireImage.com

The one and only PRINCE is set to take over the Hollywood Palladium tonight and the legendary venue may never be the same. PRINCE will be performing at the Palladium tonight March 8th, and you can buy tickets at the door!

Tix are $100.00 cash only!!!!

The Hollywood Palladium opened up on October 31st, 1940 with Tommy Dorsey and his orchestra featuring band vocalist Frank Sinatra, hence "His Way" in the title.

The last time Prince played the Palladium was in 2001 ripping the place into a frenzy as Mick Jagger, Beyonce, and others looked on. This also marks Prince's first show in Los Angeles since his historic Forum run 3 years ago.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Make no mistake about it; tonight the place to be is Hollywood Palladium. There is no artist alive that can touch Prince and his band. None. Because he does it his way is why...



PRINCE Photo: ArsenioHall.com

PRINCE, 3RDEYEGIRL, THE NPG, & LiV WARFIELD took over The ARSENIO HALL show last night with funk-filled jams and with FUNKNROLL flair!

In case you missed it for some odd reason or want to see it again and again, here is the FULL show that was uploaded to PRINCE's new OFFICIAL YOUTUBE account! We will talk about that more later. Thanks to a funkenberry reader for the heads up.

For now, enjoy the show!-DocFB




Arsenio Hall Show

PRINCE, 3RDEYEGIRL, THE NPG, and LiV WARFIELD take over ARSENIO HALL tonight! Make sure to tune in for 4 performances, an interview, a Q&A, and LOVE advice from the purple one himself!

Arsenio just released the preview clip above.

Interesting story about the Oscars and bumping into someone. That was done to me a few years ago and the person who bumped me was a dude and he was trying to get me to turn to be in the photo that his personal photographer was taken. Needless to say, I knew it was a dude who cooked omelets and I did not turn into the photo like he wanted.

The Arsenio taping was FUN!

People there were Nicole Sherzinger, Lianne La Havas, The Twinz, and many more you will see tonight sitting on a couch, enjoying the performance just like you will be!-DocFB

Diagnosis: Who touched people's hair uninvited. Nasty!


PRINCE Mohegan Night 2 W/Special Guest Janelle Monae! Reviews & Set Lists! AfterParty For Night 3 On Sale Now!

Prince & Janelle Monae Design: LV

Janelle Monae funked it up hard tonight at the Mohegan Sun when she joined PRINCE on stage during "Days Of Wild" and she then proceeded to perform QUEEN with 3RDEYEGIRL and The NEW POWER GENERATION backing her up!

For the second night, it WAS a different set list from the first night, switching between 3RDEYEGIRL and The NPG instead of the first night when it was always both bands combined.

Also, an OFFICIAL After Party is in effect after the main concert by Janelle and Prince tomorrow night, Sunday December 29th starting at 1 A.M. December 30th. Tickets to the after party are on sale now HERE.

For set list and reviews of Night 2 of the Mohegan Shows, click here....