Prince Performs “The Dance Electric” On Jimmy Kimmel! Watch Now!

Jimmy Kimmel’s people finally posted PRINCE’s “The Dance Electric” performance from Tuesday. The video is a bonus from his performance of “Rock & Roll Love Affair” which you can watch below.

Earlier this year, Prince gave the site an exclusive rehearsal version of “The Dance Electric” which you can listen to HERE.

For a full recap of the Kimmel concert, click HERE.-DocFB

Diagnosis: We Better Love Each other…..




  1. Vicarelli

    Love me some Prince more than most, but that was about as much fun as a new Bob Seger song.

  2. Lisa

    that was beyond awesome. thank you prince, thank you dr fb, thank you God for that experience!

  3. Barbara

    Thanks..been waiting for this one. U know this is my song. So happy to finally have
    a great quality video to go along with it. 🙂

  4. thank you doc for getting the concert. it is a awesome experience to be in the presence of such a god. by the way at rehearsal behind the blocked chained fence i yelled very loud prince’s name & prince waived. that was lovely. he does care. awaiting more goodies from you & prince. thanks again, sincerely

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