The Grammys Are Announced In Lackluster Special

The Grammy’s had their annual announcement special and aside from a great performance from Ne-YO, it was lackluster in every way.

Sure, you had Janelle Monae perform with Fun. but we saw that at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards.

I don’t know if it was because it was in Nashville, Tennessee and a larger crowd than normal, but it just wasn’t gelling. From the co-hosting of LL Cool J with Taylor Swift, when LL was doing fine hosting the show by himself. The Grammy’s were making a concerned effort to cash in on the sales of Country Music, which has remained strong over the years of downloadable music. Plain and simple, Country music lovers BUY cd’s. Does that make them more popular than artists who have their music downloaded for free? No. Don’t let the Grammy’s know that however.

My twitter and facebook feed is usually full of comments about award specials like this. There was barely any. These Grammy specials are usually ratings gold mines, but I have a feeling the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show had better ratings.

Here are the nominees for those that can’t wait til Feb. 10th-DocFB

Diagnosis: ¬†Congrats To Frank Ocean on a night when the Grammy’s seemed rather white….




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