Country Star Still Attacking Chris Brown; “He Beat A Girl. Not Cool”

Miranda Lambert  Photo: Giles Bensimon for REDBOOK

Country Music Superstar Miranda Lambert took offense almost a year ago when Chris Brown performed on the Grammys. She battled Brown on Twitter voicing her opinion of the r&b singer. A year later, she is still salty about what he did to Rihanna.

In a new interview with Glamour, Lambert opens up on why she is still mad at Chris Brown and she did not mince words.

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“He beat on a girl…not cool that we act like that didn’t happen”]: "I didn’t feel right about not saying something. The loudmouth that I am, I say what I think. I wanted everyone to know that I don’t agree with the message it’s sending to young women. It’s not okay. At all. To be celebrated after doing something like that. I don’t think it’s right, I never will, and I will stand by what I said till the day that I die."

In case you missed it, Rihanna attended the Christmas day Laker game with Chris Brown.  Interestingly enough, that was the last game that the Lakers have won.  Brown and Rihanna also spent New Years together.  Shortly after, he was seen with another ex which has had Rihanna write angry tweets to Brown.  You know, until she takes him back yet again.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Will anyone ever really forgive AND forget?

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  1. If not her it should be big Bubba, Chris brown’s cellmate. Taking that sweet brown sugar from Chris every nite. That would be a good reminder for me, and for Chris.

  2. Good for her!At least someone else is sick and tired of sorry a** abusers being glorified! Yet again another example of a celebrity being rewarded for his bad behavior.Ugh!

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