Nile Rodgers, Pharrell, & Stevie Wonder To Join Daft Punk For Grammy Performance!

Daft Punk Screen Cap :Exclaim.com

The Grammys have added Nile Rodgers, Pharrell, and Stevie Wonder to join Daft Punk for their performance at the Award Show.

It was also announced that Metallica would be performing at the event as well as Robin Thicke performing with the band Chicago.

Other performers announced earlier are Kendrick Lamar with Imagine Dragons, P!nk and Nate Ruess (of FUN.), and Merle Haggard, Kris Kristofferson, Willie Nelson,  andBlake Shelton performing together.

LL COOL J will be your Grammy host....-DocFB

Diagnosis: The Grammys air on CBS, Sunday January 26th live from the Staples Center in Los Angeles....


Adele Goes To Bat & Defends Chris Brown

Adele & Chris Brown Photo: GettyImages.com

At the Grammys last week, Chris Brown did not stand up when Frank Ocean beat him for an award at the show. It was then reported the photo above was showing Adele dressing down Chris Brown for not standing when he lost. Sometimes, a photo can be misleading.

So Adele took to Twitter to clear the whole thing up.

Chris Brown seemed relieved and happy that someone was finally sticking up for the troubled singer, responding to her tweet in kind.

So sometimes. a photo is just a photo. Sometimes we read too much into things and make assumptions we just don't know.-DocFB

Diagnosis: A picture speaks a thousand words, not all of them accurate....


Katy Perry Best Dressed On Grammy Red Carpet

Katy Perry Photo:  GettyImages.com

The best dressed female on the Grammy Red Carpet was Katy Perry in a beautiful emerald green dress.

She called it a tribute to Jane Fonda and the 70's. Classic. Timeless.

Katy Perry Photo:  GettyImages.com

Too bad she is not performing "Wide Awake" tonight although she is nominated.-DocFB

Diagnosis: She looks....I don't want to say it...someone else will...


Can Anyone Explain This Outfit By Red Foo To Me? Anyone?

Red Foo Photo: GettyImages.com

Here is Red Foo wearing an outfit that another wouldn't dare to the GRAMMY's red carpet.

We know he is in the group LMFAO but we didn't know he was trying to get us to LMFAO.-docFB

Diagnosis: Truth be told..I'm just jealous cause my calves don't look that good.....


Justin Timberlake Rocks The “Suit & Tie” At The Grammy Red Carpet

Justin Timberlake  Photo: Gettyimges.com

Justin Timberlake showed up at the Grammys Red Carpet wearing his "Suit & Tie" before he performs at the show tonight.

Justin was solo without his wife Jessica Biel.

Justin will be performing on the show before heading over to the Palladium where he is set to take the stage at 11 P.M. tonight.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Will Justin bring it tonight?


Reminder: Prince. Sunday. The Grammys + “Screwdriver” Live

PRINCE Photo: NPG Records 2013

We are reminding you that the one and funky PRINCE will be on the Grammys this Sunday. He is scheduled right now to present.

Also on Sunday, "Screwdriver" live will debut on 2013Prince.com, here, and EVERYWHERE!!!!

2013! We are just getting started!-DocFB

Diagnosis: What will PRINCE wear? Hmmm

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Andy Allo Hits The Grammy Parties!!!

Andy Allo  Photo: WireImage.com

Andy Allo has been hitting the Grammy circuit and in style! The "Superconductor" has been doing the rounds while in Los Angeles.

Andy Allo Photo: WireImage.com

Not only has she been hitting up the parties promoting her album "Superconductor" she took time out yesterday to do an amazing shoot with Mathieu Bitton. You can check out an exclusive photo from the shoot HERE.

We are looking forward to Andy getting more press in the year 2013 and hitting us with some "Yellow Gold" soon.-DocFB

Diagnosis: When Stars Collide....


Exclusive! On Set Of Andy Allo Photo Shoot With Mathieu Bitton!

Andy Allo & Mathieu Bitton Photo By Katya Yarotskaya
Here is an EXCLUSIVE photo of Andy Allo being photographed by the brilliant Mathieu Bitton!  This photo was taken by by journalist Katya Yarotskaya and shared graciously with us!

The shoot was done with Mathieu Bitton at Church Boutique in Los Angeles. It is a fashion story for the March 2013 issue of Rolling Stone Russia Magazine.

Andy is in town for the Grammys and already making quite a splash at the parties. Last week, she put out a touching tribute to her nephew Sudama, and the story behind his name, which you can listen to below.

Mathieu Bitton's "Looking Back On Love" documentary has been released on I-Tunes and was a top 5 seller. Bitton will be having a retrospective show and catalog with Bui Gallery at a John Lautner mansion in LA Feb. 18th.

Don't forget that Andy is set to be featured on the Guitar Center Sessions  Feb. 22nd, 2013 and is hoping for a tour in the Spring.

We want to thank Andy and Mathieu for letting share this photo here before anywhere else!-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Hot Like Soup! 


PRINCE At The Grammys Next Sunday!!!


We just got word that PRINCE will be at the Grammys!!!! The icon will be making a Grammy appearance next Sunday Feb. 10th.

PRINCE has only performed on the Grammy's twice before while electrifying the crowd. He last appeared on the show a few years ago to present Best Female Artist to which Alicia Keys won.

We want to thank TonyMGarcia on Twitter for providing the info!

Diagnosis: 2013 is already full of purple surprises!

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