PRINCE To Be Honored With Billboard Icon Award May 19; Will Perform


2013 is going to be big for Prince. Along the way, he will be honored with the Billboard Icon Award on May 19th. The Icon will be performing on the Award Show As well.

Billboard made the announcement on their site earlier.

Stevie Wonder received the Icon Award last year from Alicia Keys.

The show will air on ABC and takes place at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Congrats to the purple one for racking up another achievement.  We personally cannot wait for the performance, which we are sure will be amazing!

Diagnosis:  Icon. 




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  2. controversy12

    this is great … hey Doc do you know if Prince will be doing any of the more smaller venue shows while in Vegas ? It would be great if he would perform there for those who could not get to the Dakota in MN

  3. Pharaoh

    The performance won’t be the same without John Blackwell. Hannah Ford does not compute………..If it had to be a woman he should have gotten Sheila or Terri Lyne Carrington.

  4. Robert "O"

    Prince IS THE ICON of our generation. I can’t think of one other that has accomplished what he has. Who else has an Oscar, a Golden Globe, 7 grammys, countless American Music Awards, Lifetime Achievement awards, Rock N Roll Hall of Fame inductee and is STILL SELLING OUT ARENAS? The One and Only Purple Yoda from Minnesota….THAT’S WHO!!

  5. Michael

    Prince, Have a lot of material(music, video, merchandise…) available in advance of this broadcast in May. Many people will run out to the stores, and the internet(yes the internet) to give you money in exchange for your wonderful work. Go along with the process, please. It is a reality, and doing so will get more of your music on radio. Have you heard radio lately…it really needs you!

  6. C

    Congratulations, Prince!! Your music and talent is a gift from God! We are all blessed to be able to enjoy and experience this gift. Thank you for taking the time to tour and continuing to put out great music! Enjoy this well deserved Honor! You and the NPG will rock out that Awards show. Can’t wait to see it! Much love from Detroit! 😉

  7. M21nights

    Very happy about this!! So much deserved! Congratulations to Prince!!! I bet his performance will rock!!! Indeed a big year for Prince and us fans!!! 😀

  8. this is awesome. why did they wait so long. prince in business for 37 years. i will be going to vegas. hope other special treats. congratulations prince, you deserve it all & then some. you were the greatest, are the greatest, & will be always the greatest.

  9. Aliyyah

    Congratulations Prince. You are the best. Have a wondeful time. Las Vegas May 19th hmmmm. Sounds good to me 🙂

  10. EyeNoReligion

    Congratulations Prince. It is always nice to see you acknowledged by others. Organize!

  11. Felicitations, Prince, the best musician, showman, ever!!! You completely deserve it !I would love to be part of this fantastic party, hope to be able to see it through the net from Bordeaux (France)!!!!!!you re the Best , for ever , thank you , God BLess You!

  12. sheryl

    There is no one more deserving!! Awesome musician…incredible performer…simply the best! (Certainly MY musical HERO!) Congratulations to Prince!

  13. TheBeautifulOne

    Congratulations to Prince!!!! So well deserved!!!! 2013 is a Prince year!!!! So hot…

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