SNL Digital Shorts Return! “YOLO” By Adam Levine & Andy Samberg

YOLO SNL Digital Short

Hotness. Andy Samberg returned to SNL this week with Adam Levine hosting. They did “YOLO” aka “You Only Live Once”/”You Oughta Know” and give you warnings on how to be safe since….you got it…You Only Live Once.

SNL has sorely been missing the digital shorts that this one most likely seems better than it is.

We are LOVING It and missed Samberg.

Word to the wise. You live every day, not just once. Make the most of it. Also, check out the clip above!-DocFB

Diagnosis: YOLO….You Only Love Oreos….




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  2. AngelSoul

    I was cracking so hard last night…SNL was really funny! They need to continue to do the digital shorts. Best thing they’ve done in years!

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