Exclusive! The Revolution’s Bobby Z. Talks PRINCE; “He Is Better Now & Keeps Getting Better”

Bobby Z.  Photo: Travis Anderson/TwinCities.com

Bobby Z. formerly of PRINCE & The Revolution joined DrFunkenberry & Seth Everett on our weekly Spreecast last week to talk PRINCE and take questions from the fans, where nothing was off limits.

If you can avoid being distracted by my hat, you will get a look at PRINCE that only Bobby Z. would know about.

Bobby shared with us after being asked by a fan that PRINCE played drums on “Head” and “Darling Nikki” and almost everything up until 1986.

Bobby called PRINCE “The greatest entertainer that ever lived.

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Also in the spreecast, which you can watch in it’s entirety above, Bobby discussed that PRINCE was always first with technology and Bobby implemented a lot of digital drums and triggers on stage.

Bobby feels PRINCE is a better musician than in 1984 and he keeps getting better (“Still got momentum” “Still moving forward”)

Prince Bobby and Roger Linn of the Linn drum invented the INTERFACE so the Linn Drum box could be played on DRUM PADS LIVE.

PRINCE was progressive and an innovator from the start.

Bobby and PRINCE both  used drum synthesizers.

Bobby admits that He was just copying what Prince did in the studio when performing live.

Also one of the first people (if not THE FIRST) to play samples like BOMB sounds via the DRUM PADS.

Bobby thought Prince was The “Greatest Piano Player He Ever Heard” as soon as they met….

The original core of the first band was PRINCE, Bobby Z., Andre Cymone. The original NPG trio? Hmm.

He also spoke of how impressive it was that even as Prince was starting out, people of the likes of Bowie and Wahol would come out to see them play because of how amazing Prince was.

Prince would say things like “We are gonna play SNL” and “We are gonna make a movie” and then those things would happen.

Bobby also shared his story of his heart attack 2 years ago and his charity event in March for MyPurpleHeart.Org.

The entire interview delves into so much that if you are a fan of PRINCE and wanting to hear stories never heard before, watching the SPREECAST is a must! We are working on getting a podcast version of the interview.-DocFB

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  • fatheadedd
    Posted at 17:28h, 03 October

    Prince needs to record with the revolution again and stop trying to run away from why we loved him in the early years play the cloud guitar again no vox or fender and back to writing with wendy and Lisa

  • Myles Matisse
    Posted at 17:32h, 03 February

    I wish someone had asked Bobby the question, “Is it true that after The Revolution reunion at the 1st Purpleheart.org Benefit at First Avenue that Prince told Bobby and/or the band that he didn’t want them reuniting under the name ‘The Revolution’ again as it’s known as Prince & The Revolution’?” That’s what I heard went down.

  • Myles Matisse
    Posted at 17:24h, 03 February

    I absolutely loved how Bobby was so down to earth, forthcoming, present, funny, smart, in depth and revealing. His talk about purpleheart.org, the 1st and 2nd Benefits at First Avenue and his whole heart ordeal was emotional, informative and wonderful to listen to. Very happy for him, his family, friends and fans that he pulled through and is back to health. Wonderful! Can’t say enough about Bobby Z. The coolest of the cool.

  • Myles Matisse
    Posted at 13:48h, 01 February

    In the spree chat, Dr. Funkenberry and Seth talked about the Billboard article. My attitude was it was a pretty cool article even though I thought it was too short and reporter Gail Mitchell didn’t ask as much as I’d hoped. Prince said a few things I take issue with…

    1/ Not allowing Gail to take notes or record Prince. While I can understand (to a degree) him not wanting to be recorded because of his fears of it being sold and the past when a taped interview was leaked and made into interview discs sold in stores (I just saw one last week at Amoeba in the used section on CD), I think the “selling” of any interviews NOW wouldn’t happen. Sure, it may be leaked to youtube or other media on the internet, but I don’t think Prince should have a problem with his own words from his own mouth being around because it’s the truth as he says it. I think it’s a weak excuse on Prince’s part as all the television talk shows he appeared on in the past have been recorded and are being “sold” by the networks and end up on the internet. So, Prince’s argument of not being recorded for print media is shot down. Also, Prince should have trusted Gail Mitchell, the interviewer more by letting her record, as I’m 100% sure she wouldn’t let the audio leak anywhere as she’s a consummate professional. Also, NOT letting Gail (or any reporter) take notes is a bad move because it’s really, really difficult to REMEMBER everything done and ESPECIALLY said and Prince should realize that her (or any other reporter) having to paraphrase Prince could lead to the wrong intent being put across due to the possibility of forgetting important moments of the talk. Prince shouldn’t play games like this by not letting reporters record or take notes. At this stage of the game, he should have more trust. If not, STOP talking to the print media.

    2/ The fact Prince told Gail that he doesn’t make albums anymore, only singles and that he doesn’t have a deal, I thought was dishonest. Not having a “deal” shouldn’t matter when making albums because since he owns his own masters, he can make albums whenever and however he wants and sell them himself through his new website: 20dpr1nc3.com. Also, fact is, Prince IS making albums still and will be releasing one in 2013. So, right there, Prince wasn’t truthful with Gail. Again, making statements to grab attention, intentionally mislead and play games. Plus, ALBUMS are still really, really important. Crucial, in fact. Singles are disposable. Albums have the room to take the listener on a journey and tell a story. The making of albums should never be kicked to the curb by an artist. If Prince really believes people aren’t interested in albums anymore, he’s just fooling himself. Amoeba records in Los Angeles is always full of people buying “albums”, old and new by the basketfuls.

    3/ Prince saying that he doesn’t like other artists covering his songs. To me, Prince shouldn’t be disappointed with that. Prince should be honored with bands like Maroon 5 covering his songs as Prince himself has recorded other people’s songs: “I Can’t Make You Love Me”, “One of Us”, “La La La Means I Love You” and “Betcha By Golly Wow” from his Emancipation release and “Crimson & Clover” from his Lotusflow3r release come to mind. And, Prince can’t resist playing covers at almost every one of his live concerts. My attitude is, if Prince doesn’t want others doing his songs, he shouldn’t do other people’s songs, live or in studio. I miss the days when Prince played ALL HIS OWN SONGS in concert. From his first tour through “Lovesexy”, Prince pretty much stuck with HIS music only and I really wish he’d go back to that. I still vividly remember seeing Prince’s “Nude” tour in Germany back in 1990 when Rosie Gaines took over on lead vocals for a “cover”. I was beyond disappointed, not only because Prince was handing over the mic to Rosie for a full song while he went off somewhere, but that the song was a cover. I think it was “Dr. Feelgood” or something like that. Also, during that show, Prince and band mixed in the non-Prince song, “It Takes Two” and for one of the first times, Prince was going off in non-Prince “cover” songs, although Prince had been doing covers in aftershows on the “Lovesexy” tour and before. Bottom line, people buy Prince albums go to Prince’s shows to hear him play HIS music, not other people’s.

    As for the Bobby Z. interview, it was wonderful and reminds me why I love all the artists in the Princely Universe as all are down to earth, cool, real, present and friendly. Unlike Prince, they’re all approachable and don’t talk in circles or play games of ego and aristocracy. Bobby Z. is an amazing artist and person and I’m very happy he’s back to good health.

  • Suzy Six
    Posted at 23:42h, 31 January

    I love Bobby!!!! Such a cool show!!! I love these spreecasts! Highlight of my Wednesday!!! Bobby is WAY cool and he has such an aura about him. I cant even explain it. It’s a vibe. A glow. SO glad he’s ok. There was so much love and respect between he and Prince. It’s heartwarming. It really is. Oh man, I’m all verklempt now…talk amongst urselves…… :'{

  • Jshua Ok
    Posted at 18:40h, 31 January

    That was a really cool chat!

  • Jshua Ok
    Posted at 17:17h, 31 January

    You’ve been busy, sir!

  • John
    Posted at 15:47h, 31 January

    Great chats. (But Dr.F – Please stop pouting/showing off/trying to be cool and just be real. It’s really tiresome/embarrassing.)

  • Terri Walsh
    Posted at 11:32h, 31 January

    cant wait to check this out….am working when you’re live

  • JG7
    Posted at 10:34h, 31 January

    Thanks 4 this Doc, really great stuff 4 us Purple People 🙂

  • Immanuel6
    Posted at 10:23h, 31 January

    Bobby Z is a class act. Kudos…

  • Kcool's Chocolate Box
    Posted at 10:20h, 31 January

    I was very impressed with Bobby Z . He is a class act. It says a lot about Prince. With the peeps he had around him being so cool…

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