Exclusive! No Doubt: No Tour!!!!


OK No Doubt fans, we have some bad news…and we have some good news. The bad news mixes in with the good news. No Doubt has decided there will be no tour in 2013.

Our source states that the band took a vote very recently and decided to stay in the studio working on a new album instead of touring behind “Push & Shove”….

We hear the writing and recording is going much smoother for them than on “Push & Shove” where it seemed like it took forever to find a groove. They do not want to mess with the cohesiveness that is taking place in the studio by doing a tour this year.

Earlier this month, a phantom date for a show by No Doubt showed up on LiveNation.com for Phoenix. Phoenix is a city that Live Nation uses as testers and does not usually mean a show is taking place there. It happens more frequently than you think.

Our source is extremely credible and I also contacted Live Nation to where they advised me that No Doubt showed up for a special Live Nation event earlier this month where Live Nation was told that No Doubt was leaning towards not touring and will decide on that in the coming weeks.

It makes perfect sense because as much as I LOVE “Push & Shove”, the album just has not been selling as well as it should. The “Looking Hot” video getting pulled also did not help matters. I really wish I could have helped.

To the No Doubt fans and community, I am a HUGE supporter of No Doubt and did reach out to them to help with promotion of “Push & Shove” but there was no response. Still regretting every day running into Tony Kanal after the Van Halen show and being out of business cards. I would not post anything like this without having facts and sources to back it up.

I’m not sure when or if No Doubt will confirm the news I posted. I know just last month at Kimmel, Gwen said on stage “See you this summer” but plans have changed.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  More New Music IS A Good Thing, No Doubt!



  • NDLover
    Posted at 05:57h, 28 February

    Wow. No Doubt just confirmed it on thier web site, almost word for word to what the Doc said. Hmm.

    Well, you have proven yourself very reliable for music news I must say.

    Even though I wanted a tour, at least I now know. Thank you!

  • Timothy L.
    Posted at 05:53h, 28 February

    Worst news I’ve had all day .
    I guess now we can cancel Summer too !!!!
    FUCK ;-(

  • Rosemarie B.
    Posted at 05:52h, 28 February

    Makes sense since they have been in the studio, if they’re feeling the vibe they should just go with it. Just was looking forward to some more ND in the summer… money will be saved and hopefully we get a new album by summer.. fine winter, lol.

  • Rosemarie B.
    Posted at 05:52h, 28 February

    bummer news for all us No Doubt fans if this is true

  • CH
    Posted at 05:52h, 28 February

    thanks for the heads up, Doc!

  • Rosemarie B.
    Posted at 05:51h, 28 February


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  • Jenny
    Posted at 16:21h, 25 February

    Thank you as always for bringing us the news. We’ve been waiting to hear something regarding the tour. You’re the best!

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