Madonna Pushes The Envelope On Instagram; Gets Warning

Madonna Photo: Instagram

Madonna just opened her Instagram account last week and has already received a warning about the photos she has been posting. The photo in question appears to have been deleted by the social media photo sharing service.

It shows Madonna with 20 photos posted but only 19 accessible. From the photos I have seen, I’ve seen worse. She also has posted photos of legendary artist Frida Khalo as well.

Perhaps no one wants to see 54 year old booty?  It looks like it is holding pretty well.  Maybe someone at Instagram didn’t like her last release and held it against her because so far, she has been pretty tame.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Girl still going wild….



  • Alan M.
    Posted at 05:49h, 28 February

    Oh we all conform to some things

  • Keame A.
    Posted at 05:49h, 28 February

    Madonna will always be a rebel. She’s a free spirit who doesn’t conform to anything.

  • Kay May
    Posted at 07:24h, 26 February

    The photo in question that was removed from Madonna’s IG account was a portrait that photographer Man Ray shot of his assistant, lover and muse Elizabeth “Lee” Miller in the 1930s. It showed Lee’s torso and breasts, a shot/angle that is Ray’s signature style. The photograph it is a piece Madonna owns/has in her house, like the Frida Kahlo pictures she has posted. Instagram reminded her of the policies only to post pictures of yourself/are yours, and no nudity etc. etc.

    Well, this should be interesting, considering it’s Madonna 😉 To be honest, I’d rather look at her 54-year-old booty than some of the stuff I see on IG on a daily basis..

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