LOL! Selena Gomez Pokes Justin Bieber….Fun, That Is!

Although Selena Gomez hooked back up with Justin Bieber last weekend in Oslo, Norway, she made sure to poke him this week. Not on Facebook, but in a photo. Selena took a photo with a fan wearing a Justin Bieber shirt. We wonder if the couple will still be together by the time the Billboard […]

Rihanna Posts Topless Photo On Instagram

Rihanna hates clothes. That is what we get from her. She posted a photo of her behind the scenes of her topless on Instagram earlier. If you were expecting completely topless, sorry Charlie. What was the caption with the photo you ask? “Show Time!” Hmm. The Lakers have nothing on that!-DocFB Diagnosis: Show….Off!

Madonna Pushes The Envelope On Instagram; Gets Warning

Madonna just opened her Instagram account last week and has already received a warning about the photos she has been posting. The photo in question appears to have been deleted by the social media photo sharing service. It shows Madonna with 20 photos posted but only 19 accessible. From the photos I have seen, I’ve […]