Andy Allo Gives Us A Sneak Of What To Expect At SXSW…Maybe…

Andy Allo Bar 96 Flyer

In case you forgot, the ONE n FUNKY Andy Allo will be playing SXSW this Saturday, March 16th at Bar 96.

Andy posted some audio on her Facebook Fan Page, which just hit 20,000 likes and celebrated by giving us a taste of what is to come Saturday night.

A little sneak or maybe a hint of what may come on Saturday at bar 96... they ain't ready.. :-)

Funky isn't it? We want mo'!-DocFB

Diagnosis: Where are the Superconductors in Austin at?

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  1. Groovy

  2. I wish Prince would sing If I Was A King! Everytime i hear it (everyday), i imagine HIM singing it!

  3. MAN, i love the album! Seems every song tells my story! The song Superconductor makes me booty shake! Her voice is quirky and sexy and so different. The songs are so personal (at least 2 me) and every day i have a new favorite! The Calm, Nothing More, Yellow Gold, Long Gone. OH MY! Excellence!

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