Katy Perry Previews New Single “#Roar”! Watch Now!

Katy Perry Photo:  GettyImages.com

Katy Perry has just released a preview of "Roar" her new single from her "Prism" album which is set to be released on October 22nd!

Are you ready?

Here it is!


No. Just....no. I wanted something longer.

Katy fans will be eating it up. The burning of the purple/blue wig will let many to read into it that maybe she is about to show a more adult side and will get people talking. I guess I was hoping to actually hear a new song.

"Roar" will be released in full on August 12th.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Our expectations were too high. Not anymore. That might be a good thing.....


New Superman “Man Of Steel” 13 Minute Featurette Released! Watch Now!

Superman Man Of Steel Photo: Empire Magazine

A behind the scenes featurette of "Man Of Steel" the new Superman movie, has been released.

They show you quite a lot, even how Henry Cavill wore the Superman outfit without showing underwear lines.

N I here I thought Superheros were "free-balling" it.

For the 13 minute preview click here.....


Andy Allo Gives Us A Sneak Of What To Expect At SXSW…Maybe…

Andy Allo Bar 96 Flyer

In case you forgot, the ONE n FUNKY Andy Allo will be playing SXSW this Saturday, March 16th at Bar 96.

Andy posted some audio on her Facebook Fan Page, which just hit 20,000 likes and celebrated by giving us a taste of what is to come Saturday night.

A little sneak or maybe a hint of what may come on Saturday at bar 96... they ain't ready.. :-)

Funky isn't it? We want mo'!-DocFB

Diagnosis: Where are the Superconductors in Austin at?


Justin Timberlake: “I’m Ready” Justin To Release New Album in 2013

Justin Timberlake.  File Photo

After releasing 2 solo albums in 10 years and countless movies, Justin Timberlake is ready to return to the music scene.

In a minute segment, Justin talks about his love for music, all while leading us into a studio which leads to him putting on headphones and letting an engineer and at the same time, us, know: I'm ready!"

Justin is letting it be known he will be releasing a new album "Soon" but no preview single or a release date for the album as of yet.

Timberland has been working with Justin in the studio from Mid-August last year til now. The album is rumored to have at lease 20 new tracks on it.

We will be looking forward to it. With new material from Prince, David Bowie, and now Justin Timberlake, it does look like 2013 is a going to be a BIG one musically.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Not done with music.....by a long shot....


A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas In 3D

Harold & Kumar are back for Christmas...and in 3D.  It looks like this movie has it all and even they joke about the #D being played out in movies. Will be it be played out in A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas?

Neil Patrick Harris returns again as himself and has some funny material to work with.  I have yet to see the other 2 H& K movies...but I may have to before this comes out.

I mean, who wouldn't want to spend the holidays with them.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Is NPH Really Gay?


Preview: Sundance Film Festival Winner “Like Crazy” Coming Soon

The Sundance Film Festival gave "Like Crazy" Best Picture for a love story between Jacob and Anna.  A story that starts with a hand written letter as distance comes between them with Anna's passport sending her back to the UK and banned from coming back to the United States.

This is no comedy and we have a feeling this will not have that happy go lucky happy ending in most movies today, I look forward to seeing it. 

They seem likeable enough and anyone who writed hand-written letters in this day and age is cool in my book. 

Check out the preview for "Like Crazy" and let us know what you think.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Distance Is Only The Issue If You Want It To Be....


Whitney Cummings Is Your Naughty Nurse This Fall


Ok, we are one of the only ones for the past few years that found Whitney Cummings sexy the past few years.  Yes, even admitting she wears granny panties on "Chelsea Lately" didn't falter us. 

In the clip above, she dresses as a naughty nurse, garters n stockings n all.  I wouldn't hesitate to let her take my temperature.  What?  I'm just saying...plus...it goes with the clip!

It would have been sexier if she was playing the nurse for Doctor Funkenberry and not for Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman.  Sigh. 

Regardless, check out the clip above and let us know what you think as Whitney comes.....to your TV this Fall on Thursdays!-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Gonna Have To Get On Chelsea Lately Now!