Chris Brown Keeps His Shirt On & Dances On New Video “Fine China”

Chris Brown Fine China Video Still

Showing the innocence of his idol Michael Jackson with the stylish hat and gold bow-tie, Chris Brown plays up the misunderstood bad boy role in his new video “Fine China” from his upcoming album “X” due later this year.

Chris lets it be known that he had a hand in the dancing/fighting scenes that more than emulate Michael.

Chris talked to MTV about “Fine China”:

“It’s comparing a woman to how priceless and delicate she is.This song is more of a chivalry kind of record, being more of a gentleman, taking that approach of catering to the woman, having more of that love element.”

The father comes after Chris and his daughter hard as Chris “Posse” backs him up. Hopefully, there will be a sequel to find out what happens.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Fine China? Yes. Fine acting? Hmm…



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