R. Kelly Joins Phoenix On Stage As An Underwhelming “Coachella Surprise”

R. Kelly & Phoenix Photo: Spin.com

So far at Coachella, there has been no hologram 2Pac but the “Coachella Surprise” so far has been R, Kelly joining Phoenix on stage.

The rumor was that Phoenix was going to share the stage with Daft Punk, but it was actually Kelly instead.

R. Kelly performed “Bump & Grind” and “Ignition” and a few others. It was cool but for a “Coachella Surprise” it was…..kinda weak!

Now if it was like a KIIS FM event or something, it would be dope. By Coachella standards…..nope. Thoughts?-DocFB

Diagnosis: I wanna pee on U…..



  • kcool's ChocolateBox
    Posted at 18:49h, 14 April

    Eye saw R Kelly live the last New Years Eve weekend that passed in Vegas He gives a good show!…His music legacy speaks 4 itself. Eye never look @ what an artist does behind closed doors in their personal life. I keep their muziq separate.

    With that said his voice gets better the older he gets…. But no one surpass
    Prince’s per4mance……..

  • Ken
    Posted at 15:01h, 14 April

    I don’t think any fan of good music and musical talent can deny that R. Kelly is amazing. I’m sure The Doc recognizes R’s talent as well. But, you have to understand that this is Coachella we’re talking about here. It’s a music festival that has been known to amaze its attendees and get people talking about the “crazy sh*t” that people missed out on so that they will feel the need to attend next year! R. Kelly is a huge artist no doubt. And although it still is funny to clown on R. Kelly for his supposed fetish with urinating on women, no one really cares about his past negative allegations anymore. I personally feel that he’s redeemed himself with all of the positive, inspiring songs he’s created in recent years — especially his amazing throwback album “Love Letter”. However, as awesome as he is (in so many ways), he is not Coachella-surprise-worthy! A shocking collaboration with Phoenix = yes! But, a “surprise” that will make people feel that they missed out on something amazing at Coachella? No. Why? I just don’t think that this type of crowd appreciates him as he should be appreciated.

  • William Young
    Posted at 13:59h, 14 April

    The question is why can’t R. Kelly appear as a surprise at Coachella? I’m not the biggest hardcore fan of R.Kelly but the man does make some pretty good music and gets airplay on the radio. Maybe Phoenix admires his work and him as an artist. It just kills me how some people would classify him as a KISS-FM act and he does a broad amount of work and is an excellent songwriter how about focusing on his talent instead of.the past craziness he has experienced. Overall, im proud that he was the.Coachella surprise and even prouder he is a fellow chicagoan

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