Upload! Justin Timberlake, Jesse J, & Phoenix To Headline iTunes Festival!

Justin Timberlake Photo: MissInfo.Tv

Justin Timberlake, Queens Of The Stone Age, Jessie J, & Phoenix will be headlining the iTunes Music Festival on September 1st in London.

Thirty Seconds To Mars and Jack Johnson will also be performing at the event.

Tickets for the event at the London Roundhouse are free and you can have a chance to win the iTunes lottery to attend.-DocFB

Diagnosis: All performances will be streamed on Apple's web site...


R. Kelly Joins Phoenix On Stage As An Underwhelming “Coachella Surprise”

R. Kelly & Phoenix Photo: Spin.com

So far at Coachella, there has been no hologram 2Pac but the "Coachella Surprise" so far has been R, Kelly joining Phoenix on stage.

The rumor was that Phoenix was going to share the stage with Daft Punk, but it was actually Kelly instead.

R. Kelly performed "Bump & Grind" and "Ignition" and a few others. It was cool but for a "Coachella Surprise" it was.....kinda weak!

Now if it was like a KIIS FM event or something, it would be dope. By Coachella standards.....nope. Thoughts?-DocFB

Diagnosis: I wanna pee on U.....


Halle Berry Honored At Muhammad Ali’s Celebrity Fight Night

Muhammad Ali & Halle Berry. Photo: GettyImages.com
Muhammad Ali & Halle Berry. Photo: GettyImages.com

Muhammad Ali & Halle Berry. Photo: GettyImages.com

 Another week, another award for Halle Berry.  This time at Muhammad Ali's Celebrity Fight Night Event.

Ali was lucky enough to get a kiss from Berry as he presented her with the award. 

Muhammad Ali's Celebrity Fight Night raises funds for the Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center at St. Joseph's Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona.  They have been in existence for 17 years and raise at least $ 1 million dollars a year per year. 

Hopefully one day, their will be a cure for Parkinson's, which Ali has.  The boxing legend has been a inspiration through his boxing career and for his help for trying to find a cure for Parkinson's.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Still The GREATEST Of All Time


Lady Gaga Takes On Arizona’s Immigration “Law”

Lady Gaga did not cancel her shows in Arizona over the weekend, she decided to make a statement during her concert.

I find it interesting how she just goes into her musical number "Boys"  afterwards.

The law called SB1070 is what she is talking about and is deciding to be active and protest.

She gets rather animated and loud and screams and the crowd is loving it.

What do you think of what she said?-Dr.FB